22 August 2011

Cook And Share A Pot Of Curry Day - 21 Aug 2011

Greetings to all my fellow Singaporeans with a pot of curry all the way from Taobaoland.

Reading the news of the dispute really got my blood boiling and it sure wasn't the spices acting up this time.

Just for the record, I have nothing against people of any nationality. I welcome one and all to my house. 来者是客.


Curry to me is a national dish that transcends all races. Yes, while the origins of curry may hail from some place else, it has been with us for so long that we have adopted and embraced it like it is our own son.

So forgive me, if I get all up in arms when some strangers step into my house and start dissing my son.

So to all the bigots out there, Happy Cook And Share A Pot Of Curry Day!

If you don't like it, you don't have to be here, you know?

I would like to play the good host to you.....

.... but only if you reciprocate and play the good guest.

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Yup, my sentiments exactly, bro. When you visit someone's house, know your place as a guest. And we as a host will be more than happy to make you feel welcome.

However, the new knowledge that this dispute is actually a few years back seems to take the edge of my initial displeasure on hearing the news. I would hope the situation then is not the norm now, coz their numbers have grown even more now.


JayWalk said...

You can look at this both ways.

The other point of view is how many foreigners do we have 6 to 7 years ago compared to now.

Would these problems not be multiplied by the same factor as the increasing of foreigner coming ashore?

I find it strange how a guest can be so terok and thought himself to be king and rule the foreign soil?

I mean, Really?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's precisely why our blood was boiling lor. In any case, we've also been taught not to tar everyone with the same brush due to the poor actions of a few. And according to the news, the one who initiated the curry event also managed to get 2 Chinese nationals to participate. So maybe still got a glimmer of hope lar...


JayWalk said...

Hence why I find it so strange coz most people I come across are nice folks.