21 August 2011

Singapore President Lelong!! Lelong!!!

Remember when I mentioned in my previous Singapore Presidential Election 2011 entry that I would vote for the cheapest candidate since none of them will be doing much, since the Gahmen will be pulling all the stops to cock block whatever the newly elected president said that he would do in his campaign speeches.

First, we have Tan Kin Lian who shaves the President's salary (SGD 4 million+) by half, promising to donate at least half of his salary away.

Now, we have Tan Jee Say who comes in at $500k, thereby shaving Tan Kin Lian's intended salary to just a quarter.

So going by geometric progression where we have 1 > 1/2 > 1/4, that means the next candidate who plays the next salary cut card, shall declare his salary to 1/8 of Tan Jee Say's i.e. SGD 62,500 per year.

I like where this is heading. Heh heh.

Lai ah!!!! Singapore President Lelong!!! Lelong!!!

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- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

1/4 of TKL is actually 1/8 liao.

so the next guy must be 1/16.

JayWalk said...

I'm sorry but you lost me there. Care to break it down and show me your working?

Anonymous said...

ok i get your calculation now.

you are talking about the fraction of the latest offer. I am talking about the fraction of the whole ($4m).

the figure is still the same.

anyway reduction of salary or donating it is not just about $$$, it is about overpaid civil service. So what they are doing is like a big slap to the greedy civil servant.

Thats more important.