24 August 2011

0nly You Pub

For the new visitors who are not familiar with my blog, please read the following about H0llyw00d Baby Bar first.

Anyway, the above is a photo of a new pub that recently opened in my area. The name of the place is called "0nly You".

In general, I don't like local pubs as

  1. It is usually too dark.
  2. The music is too loud to allow a decent conversation.
  3. The pool table is damn crappy. There was this other pub where you need to play one side of the table with a half cue coz it is cramped too near to the wall. Or another where you frustrate yourself to death with snooker sized pockets.

which is well, I only hang out at the H0llyw00d Baby Bar coz it is the exact opposite of the above 3 factors. And also being a regular there other than specially discounted price for me, "everybody knows your name".

So why, you ask, am I doing at a new pub?

Well, most of the waitress there are ex-staff of the H0llyw00d Baby bar which means everybody STILL knows your name. The place is less brightly lit but yet not too dark. Music is not too loud and they have a very decent pool table.

Top of it all, it shows EPL matches on the BIG SCREEN. Woots!

Prices are a bit more expensive here where a bottle of Barcardi at H0llyw00d Baby (with unlimited mixers) is RMB 400 whereas 0nly You is charging me RMB 480 (6 cans of complimentary mixers).

Given that it is the first week of opening, they are giving me 1-for-1. So 2 bottles of Barcardi for the same RMB 480 i.e. RMB 240 per bottle. Good deal!

The only downside is the uniform that the girls are forced to wear very horrible looking garb. (See above).

I was temporarily blinded when I first walked in and they were all happily lined up and basking under the UV light.

Oh. My. Eyes.

A check with one of the girls and she too concur that it was damn uncomfortable to be wearing clothes with "so much more material". See picture right for what they are used to wearing especially in the summer.

In any case, I am making a point to return regularly or at the very least until the English Premier League season is over.

- Voxeros

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