25 August 2011

Dumbass Of The Week XVIII

That's my tennis racquet. I had to cut the strings even though it was freshly restrung. The tension was way too low to be playable.

The tennis culture here is non-existent resulting in the absence of a proper tennis gear shop.

I snapped my last one and I brought my racquet and provided my own strings (Gamma Ruff 16) since my type of string is not very mainstream.

I spoke to the guy at the shop who expressed his hesitation but subsequently agreed to do it, after I assured him that I will not ask him for compensation if it was not done up to spec.

So when the first time the string was not done up to my standard, I ordered another set of strings (God bless!) and went down to the shop again.

I show him the racquet with the strings intact and showed him how low the tension was.

Then he confessed that his stringing machine was actually meant for badminton racquet only.


Then why you tell me ok when I ask for 60 lbs tension??!!

Early early say cannot do lor!!!


Guess I have to make a trip to Hong Kong just to string my racquet.

Very the 夸张 can???

- Voxeros


SGSpyCam said...

u can check out this tennis shop...

they should be able to do the job properly...

JayWalk said...

Hi SGSpyCam,

welcome to the blog. I believe you are new here.

Thanks for recommending Leisure Sports, I have known them for years. Don't they used to be at Shaw Centre?

I used to string my racquets with Jerry, since the 90s until they stopped carrying Gamma Ruff and also the fact that I am no longer in Singapore.