01 August 2011

Lost In Translation XI

I was out having lunch at this newly opened Ta1wan restaurant when I did a double take at their menu.

Hong Halogen Taste? What the hell is HONG HALOGEN TASTE??

If you look at the menu really really closely, I am sure there is a mouse, mouse pad, table lamp and even a pen holder in there somewhere.

Now that we are on the topic of translation horrors, I also got these in my email earlier in the morning from my cousin in McAllen TX.

Man..... it's been a while since I did a Lost In Translation episode.


Strictly forbid to what??!!

Mishandle flowers you the what???!!

This sign really jin confusing.

Psst... this way to the secret society hideout. Don't forget the secret password to get inside.

The reason why people are so put off by Two Girls One Cup is because they are unhygienic, they should have used disposable cups.

You can only use these toilets only if you need to bomb.

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Hehe, nice finds! Especially the literally direct translation of "369":P


JayWalk said...

Yeah. I am really curious how to use the sex cups. :P