14 August 2012

Aircraft Coming Apart

Can you see the blue thing stuck to the cabin ceiling?

That's a blanket soaked full of water, miraculously held up with numerous "Do Not Disturb" stickers.

It was an 11am flight and it was hot and balmy outside. The inside of the cabin was just as warm coz the airline was too cheap to turn on the air conditioning.

We were stuck in the aircraft for 3 hours presumably to allow Hurricane Vicente to pass through South Ch1na as  her path cuts across our flight path.

Finally, the cabin temperature got too unbearable and the air conditioning were turned on reluctantly.

Here's the thing, when the hot humid air comes into contact with the rapidly cooling of ventilation pipes, condensation forms quickly and by the buckets.

Let there be rain. It poured. All over the passengers directly below it.

The unfortunate lady passenger shrieked when she was caught by surprise.

The funniest moment was this uncle seated directly behind me yelled....

"服务员! 快拿个盆子!!!" <-- (*translate: Staff! Fetch a wash basin quickly!)

Harlow Uncle!! Where you go find wash basin in an aircraft one? *facepalm*

Wait. Don't say no wash basin. Sekali at the back of the aircraft got mop and bucket too! This is after all, Air Ch1na leh. Don't pray pray!

So that was one incident on my flight.

The second was this little thing that poked my butt when I took my seat.

Let's just say that I got screwed by the airline. Literally. Haha.

I chucked the offending screw into the magazine pouch in front of my seat and thought nothing of it.

Soon after take off, the PA announced that the cabin crew will be starting their meal service. This was followed by a flurry of hands proceeding to lower their respective tray tables in anticipation.

I am seated one row behind the bulkhead seats which means that the row in front have their tray tables stowed in their armrest in contrast to the rest of us whose tray tables are attached to the back of the seat in front of us.

That's when I heard the sounds of crashing. Apparently, the armrest tray directly in front of me, fell apart and was sent crashing to the floor in 3 pieces when the passenger was retrieving it out of the arm recess. The arm and the two panels of the foldable tray was strewn all over the floor as a result.

I think I know where that screw came from..... kua kua....

- Voxeros


Gary said...

the female passenger wear white somemore..........

Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment when you're travelling, I see. I suppose you act blur about the screw lar:P


Anonymous said...

This is actually quite funny. Haha. Esp the tray thing.

- Ashley -

JayWalk said...

Gary: I think it's parallax error coz the water leaking was the row behind the lady in white.

Arrenn: I think it is pointless, after the tray is all over the floor, to ask if he is looking for the screw.

Ashley: To me the funniest moment was the uncle yelling to the flight attendant to go fetch the basin.

The best part was that he wasn't joking. He REALLY wanted them to go get the basin. haha.