28 August 2012

Bicycle Rental In The Capital

I have heard of city bicycle rentals in some European countries like France and Germany and I was pleasantly surprised to see this available in the Capital too.

The bikes all looked beautiful and spanking new but I felt something was amiss.

I have never seen any of these bikes on the streets at all.

I suspect perhaps this was just a cosmetic addition, peppered all around the parts of the city for show.

I was told QQland doesn't have a car rental service (think Hertz, Avis, etc) except in big cities like Shangha¡ and Be¡jing is because they can't be sure these rental cars would come back once they are out of the parking lot. While this is mere speculation, I think this, should it be a reality, would apply to rental bicycles as well.

While it is of noble intention for a greener city, I remained skeptical that these bikes strategically placed around the city, is for that purpose.

- Voxeros

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