04 August 2012

Bonus Items In QQland Food

This entry was earlier featured as a Guest Blogger Entry on Jeffrey Tan's Google+ (28 Jul 2012).

That is a piece of glass (with a bit of rice stuck to the bottom) found in the rice during yesterday's lunch.

My staff was lucky not to have bitten into it or worse, swallowed it.

Our usual reaction is just grimaced at it, take it out, put it aside and then carry on eating.

We see no point in complaining coz this is just going to happen over and over again.

Just a week ago, I found a strand of steel wool in my curry.

Remember back in 2005 when I found a piece of iron nail in my spinach?

I learned that if you don't talk and eat and the same time, you will be safe.

That's why I am a very quiet eater and bad conversation partner during meals.

- Voxeros

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