17 August 2012

Airport Changing Room In The Capital

I got back to the capital and WALAN EH!! The flight was actually punctual!

You hear me?

Punctual! PUNCTUAL!!!

So anyway, I made my way down to the conveyor belt to pick up my luggage. Granted that it was just a small carry-on, it was loaded with curry and other pastes that I had to check them in, lest they be confiscated.

While waiting, I spotted this little changing rooms at the side and I was wondering why is there a need to change clothes in the middle of the airport?

My speculation is perhaps due to the Capital's extreme cold temperature during the winter months. Thick warm clothing may be too bulky to carry around and perhaps too warm to start wearing them at origin.

Imagine you are flying up from Singapore where temperature is a constant 30 degrees. You can't wear it before you fly or even during the flight. Thick clothing being what they are, are a pain in the ass to be lugging it around the airports and on board.

So the plausible solution is perhaps to chuck it inside your checked luggage and put it on after you retrieve your luggage from the conveyor before stepping out onto the streets.

Make sense?

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

You mean the changing rooms are for long johns / thermal underwear, etc? Coz if its just for jackets, I hardly see the need.


JayWalk said...

Arrenn: Yeah, I think you are right with the thermal undergarment explanation which makes more sense.

Also, the cubicle offers some privacy lest you want the entire world to see what you have in your luggage.

Cubicle also let you have a place to work around your luggage and not get in the way of human traffic.