21 March 2015

Dumbass Of The Week XX

I don't get it.

What is with this obsession of being the first to report the death of a fellow human being.

Got prize ah?

Even if I dislike a person, I will never stoop so low as to wish for his/her demise.

LKY is a great man who has built what modern Singapore is today. Granted there are certain policies that I don't agree with (GRC remains a super sore point for me), I think overall, he has done a great job and kudos for dedicating his entire life doing so.

I tip my hat to that.

Anyway, I find it very distasteful to spoof a fake PMO website announcing LKY's imminent departure.

Bad taste! Bad! Bad!

I am glad that the police caught up with the dumbass who pulled the NOT FUNNY prank.

So, it is an offense where maximum penalty is a fine of up to SGD 50,000, jail sentence of up to 10 years or both, under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act.

As it turned out, the perp is allegedly just a gao ginah. This si ginah is not even 16 and so it's off to the juvenile court with him and not charged up the adult court? So quick question, does the above charges still apply to this si nongkia?

I'd bet this is going to scare him until he shat his pants.

Still, a fine, a prison sentence or both doesn't really fit the crime.

First off, if there is a fine imposed, who do you think will be footing the bill? The parents of course, since this sway zai bao is still in school. So to penalise the parents for the action of a dumbass kid seems hardly fair. Besides, it is punishment enough to have an idiot son.
Prison sentence? I supposed it'd be the Boys' Home for him given his age.


Let's take a step back and look at this again. It was just bad taste with no real damage done. The country wasn't plunged into panic, the stock market didn't crash nor our neigbouring country(ies) declare war on us.

It appears that the clever and skeptically general public, sans a few #cough# Bruce #coughcough# weren't taken in.

So really.

No harm. No foul.

Besides, a criminal record would ruin the poor boy's future forever. Will we be too heavy handed then?

On the flip side, taking no action would be letting the boy off easy. What message would we sent to the rest, if so?

Surely, there must be a price to pay for his folly?

What then, would be the perfect punishment to fit the crime?

Perhaps to go into overkill mode to serve as a deterrent sentence, telling the rest of the people to think really really hard before they act?

I wait with baited breath to see what the court will come up with.

Whatever it will be, let make sure we make this stupid 熊孩子 brown his pants before anything else.

Image Credit:

- Voxeros


TSSD said...

go in kneel awhile, enjoy the restriction of freedom and learn that actions have consequences.

JayWalk said...

TSSD: My concern is the black mark that will follow him for life i.e. criminal record (if you can call it that since he is a juvenile?).

Or do you think that is what he deserves i.e to have his future ruined even before he has the chance to start?

Unknown said...

Some countries ban computer use for offender

JayWalk said...

Jeffrey: Yes. I am aware of that too but still, I am thinking of what else?

On one hand, I was hoping that the court will not go "overkill" on this boy but at the same time, I was thinking simply banning from computer devices would be a tad too light a slap on the wrist?