23 March 2015

Lee Kuan Yew. 1923 - 2015.

He is gone.

Singapore's founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, has passed.

Ever since he was admitted into hospital since early February, my gut feel told me that this great man's time is up.

There have been several fake news circulating via mobile messages of his departure earlier. The latest being a dumbass kid spoofing the Prime Minister's Office website. I hope the police get the other rumormongers too.

The Chinese has Dr Sun Yat Sun as their founding father, I am proud we have Mr Lee as our 国父.

Some may argue that our founding father should be Sir Stamford Raffles instead. However, like a golf tournament, with all due credit to Raffles, while a good tee off helps a lot, it is the final putt that decides the championship.

And one more thing, Mr Lee is here to stay and be with Singapore forever.

Mr Lee is a great statesman who transformed this little island of virtually zero natural resources to a beacon of the region.

Granted he has several policies that I disagree with, he must be respected for sticking to his guns, standing behind his decisions.

Taking a step back at looking at the overall scorecard, the number of "agrees" far outstrips the "disagrees" in my books. I would have voted for him if I were his constituent.

Just yesterday, my daughter and I were caught in a mega storm as we were heading home from Little India. We didn't need a umbrella as we were able to reach home dry. I thought to myself, is there  another place on Earth, that we can have such awesome infrastructure?

That, ladies and gentlemen, we have Mr Lee's initiatives to thank for. It is all these things, big and small, that made me proud as we set ourselves apart from the rest.

Mr Lee has toiled a lifetime giving us a better life and now is time for him to take a break.

Have a good rest, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. May you rest in peace.

#RememberingLeeKuanYew #thankyouLKY

Media Credit:;; Youtube - David Wah

- Voxeros

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