26 March 2015

Singapore Wakes For The Singapore Wake

Founding father of our country, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, has left us earlier in the week.

Singaporeans from all walks of life gather together to say a final farewell.

Even when resting in peace, the late Mr Lee is still able to get all Singaporeans to come together as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion.

They used to say that national service is a common denominator where all new recruits regardless of creed or colour are the same blur sotong.

I say the same for the late Mr Lee that all Singaporeans, again I reiterate, regardless of race, language or religion, and if I may add one more, political affiliation, are the same Singaporeans.

I feel sorry for Mr Teo Ser Luck whose LKY91 workout dedication didn't go down well with the masses. People feel as if, or rather I feel like there's a kid on sugar high running and screaming all over the place in at a funeral, with the paper aeroplane on fire after catching one of the joss candles.

Still, taking a step back, I realised that's just his way of mourning. Mr Teo should have just stuck to his guns and not take down the Facebook entry, just as the late Mr Lee would have dug dig and steadfastly stood behind his convictions. He should have just ignored those people for scorning his "jock mentality" and just remember the late elder statesmen any way he wants. After all, it is the intention behind it that counts.

But what's done is done and I say let's cut the Mr Teo Ser Luckless some slack and focus on what's more important. Saying a proper goodbye to Ah Kong.

Breadtalk, on the other hand, is unforgivable. Don't for a moment think by hiding behind "all proceeds will be donated to the Community Chest", you can get away with a cheap shot to score publicity and public relations. I am glad fellow Singaporeans were smart enough to see through the plot and took it apart.

Breadtalk, you should be ashamed of yourself. Hope you learn a lesson from this episode.

Oh and hire a proper PR agency, if you have not already engaged one.

Finally, we come to Alvin, the Malaysian blogger, who advised us not to "blindly worship" the late MM Lee. This coming from a person whose passport got revoked by his own country and is stuck in California.

Whatever shit coming from him did not go down with the 3.7 million of us. For a Malaysian (if assuming your country still want to be associated with you), I do not expect you to understand and so I really do not appreciate mouthing off like that.

Then again, this was spotted on TheRealS********.com and so I am just going to ignore it as garbage.

 I also wish that ICA would put this idiot on the list of persona non grata.

Image Credit: Facebook - Adrian Lee, - Eric Lee

- Voxeros

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