20 January 2008

CowBoyBar Reloaded

CowBoyBar has once again reach another milestone. We are reloading CowBoyBar!

From the humble beginnings at Google Groups (where we eventually got evicted coz we were overloading the server with our traffic) to the ill-fated Yahoo Groups and finally to the present Liquidblade domain, CowBoyBar has certainly come a long way.

Along the way, we made new friends and we lose some along the way too. As the word Bar suggest, it is a place where people come, people stay and people go. What's important is that we all had a good and memorable time (sans a quarrel here and a break up there) while we are making merry in the bar.

Over time, like any old house, clutter starts to accumulate and it has finally gotten to a point where sweeping and mopping the floors no longer works and hence calls for something more drastic like that of a full reset.
And so, here we are. CowBoyBar 2008.

We did make some backups here and there like membership roll and some of the more important threads like Martell Death Match (!), Members' Blog Directory and Members' Birthday List, etc., but other than those, it's deletesville as we start from a clean slate.

Everything is gone. It's a brand new day today!

So that's for a short introduction to the CowBoyBar leading up to today.

So what's next as far as the CowBoyBar is concerned?

Well, good news is that CowBoyBar is now re-opened for membership registration for a limited period only. Originally, it was a closed private forum as we want to keep unwanted people out (flamers, lamers and trolls) and with a smaller number of members, it is easier to form closer friendships as well as to maintain the quality standards of the CowBoyBar.

For newbies, here's what to expect.
  1. If you an unregistered visitor, you will be able to view and read some of the thread categories but you will not be able to comment in any of them.
  2. Upon approval of your application, you will be granted Grasshopper Status where it is a probationary membership of sorts. We are looking for members who will be active in the CowBoyBar. As with all forums everywhere, we more often than not, get people who signed up and never to return after a couple of weeks when the euphoria is dissipated and the dust is settled. That means more clutter that the Mods will have to clean up.
  3. There is no hard and fast rule to how to get promoted to Gunslinger Status which effectively is full membership. However, being an active member is generally a very good rule of thumb as well as meeting the rest of the BarFlies in person when we have outings or events.

    Once you are a GunSlinger, the rest of the forum will be accessible to you and you will have more areas to chat and explore.
Click Here to goto the Front Door Of The CowBoyBar. Do look around although I have to say since this is the 2nd day of the reset, the public area doesn't have much to look at but we are steadily getting everything up to speed even as we speak. Sign up if you are interested and for an introductory period only, all applications will be approved and granted Grasshopper Status.

We look forward to welcoming you.


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- Voxeros

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