25 April 2005

CasiNo? CasiYes?

Ok ok, so the title is quite lame. I know, I know. Move on, please?

First off, I do have to say that this blog on the casino projects is rather late and perhaps to the extent that I may just be beating up a horse that is already beaten, dead and fossilised.

Anyway, I thought that I still need to squeeze something in here.

Let me just put on record that I am not against the casinos nor am I for it. However, there are just some points that is wedging up my ass crack and I am none too pleased about it.

Hello? Has Anybody Asked Me?
Let's face it, when the gahmen first announced that they are toying with the idea of setting up casinos in Singapore, many people like me, thought that it was a done deal already. Why do we think like that? Why are we all so cynical? Have we no faith in the gahmen that they would consult the people first?

Tell me, since I am not in the country all this while, was there an effort by the gahmen to find out if people wanted it or not? If so, I am sorry for I did not see nor hear about it.

If only we could do what the Swiss do, i.e. hold a referendum where each person gets a vote to say "Aye" or "Nay". After all, was not Singapore modeled after the Swiss? In 1995, Quebec held a referendum to decide if it should declare independence, instead of staying part of Canada. Or how about 1999 when Australians voted if they should divorce the British monarchy and declare as a republic? Granted that both outcomes were Nay, the lobbyist, though disappointed, went home knowing that the people had spoken.

Why couldn't we do it like them? I mean, if at the end of the vote count and there are indeed more "Yes" than "No", then by all means build the casinos with the people's blessing. I mean, we are a democratic society right? So where is the voting process?

Stop Sugar-Coating!
Please lah. A casino, by any other name is still a casino. Call it Integrated Resort, call it Gaming Parlour, Punter Emporium, it is still a casino. As long as there are chips, tables, croupier, cards, dice, etc. It will be a casino. Stop sugar-coating it with the word play by toning down "Casino" to something more subtle. Why? Dirty word is it?

I mean if you have the balls to go ahead and build the project, then why be afraid to admit it?

Integrated Resorts? Really!

Quit Whining About Gambling Addiction!
Alamak, slap forehead. Gambling has been around for as far as Singapore can remember. It is everywhere in Singapore and so I say, stop being the ostrich with the head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist. We have 4D, Toto, football betting and mahjong sessions. On a grander scale, we have the horse racing at the Turf Club, cruises to nowhere, ferries to Batam, tours buses to Genting Highlands. If there is a gambling addict, denying him/her access to the casinos will not solve his/her problem. This person needs help and it is not by taking away the casinos. I'll bet (no pun intended) banning him/her from the establishments will force the addict to find another way, another place to get his/her fix.

Anybody remembered Kevin Matthew Khoo? He was in the news a few years back. He was an ex-schoolmate of mine, who is serving life imprisonment now in an Australian prison with 25 years without parole. He was a undergrad student in Australia where he gambled his girlfriend's and his own tuition money away. His crime? First-degree murder of a gun shop owner whom, he wanted to buy a gun from, to rob somebody.

For Kevin, tell me which is more appropriate? Shutting down the casinos or get professional psychiatric help?

Restricted Access For Locals? HA!
So there is this $100 per day membership fee (up to a maximum of $2000 per year) to restrict access to locals. COME ON! It will only spur the gamblers to worker harder now that they have an additional $200 deficit to cover. Besides, $100 per day would add up to be about $36,500 per year. OH MY GOD!! Won't paying the maximum of $2000 up front saves me $34,500 right away?? That is like a 94.52% DISCOUNT???!! OH MY GOD!! Where do I sign up??? Oh wait, this one got include GST or not har?

Formula One Racing In Singapore? Zhun Bor?
Granted that a lot of people would want to bring back the glory days of Kallang (or was it Sembawang?), but think for a moment if this was just a smoke screen to distract us from the main agenda i.e. the gahmen is bulldozing its way to building the casino?

Anyway, if Singapore can host a leg of the F1 calendar, then I shall be most excited by it. F1 Singapore will be different from the rest of the races around the world. LTA will be setting up ERP gantries at the chicanes and all racing cars are required to install the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) with a valid cashcard loaded with enough money.

Jenson Button: Jenson to control. Jenson to control. Do you read me?

Control: Come in Jenson, we read you loud and clear.

Jenson Button: I need to come back to the pit again.

Control: Why? You just pitted 2 laps ago. Is anything wrong with the car? I am not picking up any anomalies from your car diagnostics on our monitors.

Jenson Button: I need to top up cash card.

Control: .......


In A Nutshell
I can't really say that opening of the Integrated Resorts will be good or bad for Singapore. Only time will tell. Just make sure that the decision makers are there to receive the bouquets or brickbats when the report cards are released.

A word to the likes of you and I. The casino may there in front of you but ultimately, you hold the final say as to whether to step inside or not. Go ahead and make your decision, while leaving me to make mine, OK?

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

1. a reader left...
Monday, 25 April 2005 2:45 pm
Hey Jay.
THanks for dropping by at my blog. :)
Eddie G.

2. a reader left...
Monday, 25 April 2005 9:34 pm up cash card!! =D
9 []

3. JayWalk left...
Monday, 25 April 2005 11:13 pm
Eddie G: The pleasure is all mine.

Ah 9: Glad that put a smile on your face. Eh... how come nobody recommend this one to har? *sulk*

4. a reader left...
Tuesday, 26 April 2005 12:15 am
It'll be worse if he radios in to say that they had forgotten to install the IU. kekeke.....
lancerlord []

5. a reader left...
Tuesday, 26 April 2005 4:13 am
top up cash card is so classic

6. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 26 April 2005 8:02 am
lancerlord: Given that the cars are so tightly packed with equipment, the IU is definitely going to be on the outside of the body shell machiam like motorcycle like that.... 

You realised how FUGLY it is going to be? OH MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!!!

Anna: It has gotta be the cash card way coz if it were the paper type of the old days.... where got windscreen for you to stick the thing?

Imagine all the F1 cars lining up to buy the paper permit display. Imagine all the drivers sticking out their hands giving either the No.1 sign (1 time entry) or the No.3 sign (whole day entry).

Besides, at their speed, it will be difficult for the policeman sitting in the little hut trying to spot them (without the valid display) and take down their license plate.... oh wait.... got license plate meh?

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