30 March 2011

Tin Pei Ling

PAP introduced a young damsel to be contesting in the Marine Parade GRC this coming elections and some netizens start going apeshit digging up her private stuff and all.

Pei Ling has one picture holding a Kate Spade gift and posing with a act-cute peace sign. Then there is the youtube clip of her act-cute stomping of her feet at the end of the reel.

I ask.

What is the big deal? You never see girls with act-cute poses and act-cute stomping feet meh?

Then how is it that she has to be different. Act-cute very siah suay meh?

Let us not judge a person by his/her age.

Let us not judge a person by his/her age difference with his/her partner.

Let us not judge a person by his/her partner's profession.

Judge the person for the work he/she has done, is doing and will do.

Judge the person for the manisfesto he/she stands for.

Let the ignorant netizens mock and scorn all they like for ultimately, it will be the constituents' votes that matter at the end of the day.

If she has done well at grassroot level for the past 6 years, then rest assured, the people will vote for her.

Too bad, she won't be able to have her mettle validated as she is entering parliament via the no-pride backdoor, if the incumbents candidates in her GRC win, with or without her.

Still, it would be a refreshing splash of colour into parliament like what we have done with Slyvia Lim, Eunice Olsen and Siew Kum Hong.

I think parliament will be such a drab place to be if it were filled with John Major/Margaret Thatcher-scholars.

Someone please kill me then.

So I say let her be who she is. If stomps her feet, pose act-cute peace sign with a Kate Spade bag in tow all the way to an election victory, then so it shall be for the people in the Marine Parade GRC has spoken so.

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- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Well said, bro:) Sure, she's definitely "eye-candy" as far as politics go, but that will probably work to her advantage in helping smooth issues over. In any case, most SGeans are rational people. All the beauty in the world will count for nothing if a person cannot deliver. And her entering politics via the backdoor is probably the only way for someone so young to cut her teeth.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

oh, why so little photos of Donnie Yen!! T_T


politics, like in the entertainment circle is like a circus show. people have lasting impression of the first one and then judge by that whim of an emotion. this is unfortunately, how most human beings work.

lets hope she'll "clean up" abit (abit will do) so her ears + eyes have more peace to work on the really impt. if she doesn't have some really thick skin in the 1st place. lol

JayWalk said...

Arrenn: I'd rather she run in an SMC to prevoe her mettle. So what if she loses?

Didn't Chiam See Tong go through his own baptism of fire losing Cairnhill in his first attempt?

Try, try again and he succeeded to go on to have a very successful political career.

Fresh Fry: I do not see a need to "clean up". She is free to do whatever she wants. I don't see how it is illegal to camwhore. How will that make her a lesser person?

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

oh nonono, not meaning a lesser person, but the masses is generally ruled by perception and ignorant emotion = the words may hinder her good work, if any.

then anything wrong, people will point fingers and say, "see, knew it. boh liao one." and likely not to give 2nd chance.

such is the common folks.

JayWalk said...

Freshfry: Well, then I hope you and I will make it two less people from this so-called masses. :)

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

we defo are. =)

88th Constituency said...

1. TPL is a Senior Associate at Ernst & Young Advisory Pte Ltd.

TPL is not in a managerial position. Her job is to solicit business for E&Y. After she gets an account, she transfers the client to other E&Y departments to do the follow-up. She is like a pimp. She does not manage other E&Y staff. If she cannot manage staff, how can she manage grassroots leaders and residents?

2. TPL is married to Ng How Yue, 40, principal private secretary to PM.

TPL dated NHY for 6 months before he proposed to her. TPL proudly reenacted how NHY proposed to her in a video screened at her wedding. One day, TPL found a photo of NHY with his ex-gf. She blew her top and tore the photo. Feeling guilty, NHY immediately bought a huge diamond ring and proposed to her. Isn't that romantic? NHY was getting old and he needed to marry quickly to prove he wasn't gay. He was 38 and she was 25 when they got married. TPL has been spotted without her wedding ring and with other guys many times.So much for being faithful.

3. TPL's motto: "Oops, I did it again".

TPL was very popular in NUS. She had the tendency to attract guys, even when she had a bf. She changed bf many times. This is a clear indication of her commitment and loyalty to people around her.

4. TPL is a camwhore.

TPL is an attention seeker. She loves being the centre of attraction, hence further explaining point 3 above. Her purpose to becoming an MP is to get national attention.

5. TPL is PAP's candidate for MacPherson in Marine Parade GRC.

Putting the youngest candidate in one of the oldest estates is suicide. However, Marine Parade GRC is under SM. What does this say? Whether or not got opposition contest the GRC, TPL will automatically become a MP, because people will still vote for SM to return. Maybe PAP take her in to prove that they are not perfect, and that they are willing to "give some balls" to opposition to let them to win a larger percentage in Marine Parade GRC? That way, it won't seem like PAP bully opposition.

JayWalk said...

88th Constituency: Thank you for dropping by.

Before I begin my response, I wish to state for the record, I am not a supporter of PAP. I am a swing voter with a soft spot for Chiam See Tong.

1) She does not manage staff at E&Y does not represent she cannot manage staff at E&Y, unless of course you are her direct boss fresh out of her appraisal.

She does not manage staff at E&Y does not represent she cannot manager grassroots leaders and residents. Were you there to have a first-hand account to witness that her 6-year's worth of grassroot work is not up to par?

2, 3) I do not see a link between a person's capability and her private life unless something in it crosses the line of the law.

You commentary on their little domestic saga is speculative at best. Pinch of salt, dude. Big pinch.

4) Camwhore? Tell that to all my xmms. We still love them the same.

5) I agree with you on this point. The concept of GRC is plain cheating. However, it is unfair to shoot down TPL even before she has a chance to take office.

If she is as lousy as you imagined her to be, I can assure you, she won't be able to run a second term. The PAP will drop her way before the people do.

CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

random thought. Senior Associates do manage staff. They manage the associates. :P

JayWalk said...

Hence the need to fact-check before making any allegations.

Anonymous said...

We should give her a chance to manage this old estate. Hopefully she can do something different. This estate is old but a nice and convenient place to live in.

JayWalk said...

Give Chance Anonymous: I agree with giving new people a chance to try. However, in this particular case, there is also a new person, Nicole Seah, on the other side of the election vying for the chance to try to.

Comparing these two, I prefer to give the shot to Nicole to try first. If she fails during her 5-year tenure, I'd be happy to let Pei Ling have a go at it thereafter.