28 March 2011

Each Crab Smaller Than The One Before

一蟹不如一蟹 (Each crab smaller than the one before) - Old Chinese Proverb

This is the original proverb to the more familiar 一代不如一代 (each generation is worse than the one before).

Oh how we used to hear stories from our grandpas how they have to walk for miles everyday just to go to school and how my generation is so soft with all the modern creature comforts.

Or how we used to hear from our seniors and Enciks in the army how tough it was during their times from steel helmets to bucket system latrines.

What about how we used to lament at our younglings where all look so sickly and pale coming out after a day of school, freezing in air-conditioned classrooms. How their school bags, at one time, come with wheels, handle and a domestic helper to pull it.

AND THAT brings us to the picture that has been circulating over the intarwebs over the weekend.

Army boy in the picture, jugding from the haricut and how "green" the uniform still is, is possibly a chao recruit. A soldier, regardless if he is a chao Recruit or a high flyer Major, is a defender of the his sovereign land. Protector of the country's people and assets.....

..... with the help of his domestic helper. *facepalm*

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- Voxeros

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