29 March 2011

Dance F●r Japan

By now, we all know that Japan is undergoing a difficult phase, trying to get their lives back, after a mercilessly triple whammy devastation of an earthquake, a tsunami followed by a nuclear plant crisis, all in record magnitudes.

If you think the worst is over, I can only tell you that on contrary, the difficult part has only just begun.

Japan will next have to battle for the need for medicine against diseases. The need for clean potable water. The need for food not tainted by radiation. The need for homes to be rebuilt. The need for infrastructure to be restored. The need for normalcy to be returned to the people. The need for money to get all of the above done.

This is where we come in for they will require assistance not only from within, but from the other countries, in time, in effort, in spirit, in money and in kind.

Dance Fr Japan, a brilliant branchild of Stephanie Phua, was first brought to my attention by my xmm Ellen, who is also part of the team putting this event together. It is a Singapore youth dance showcase with 3 universities, putting 2 shows, all with 1 heart to wish the good people of recovering Japan well.

However, it isn't as easy as 3, 2, 1 for it is a massive effort that is nothing short of a mini miracle. 3 weeks was all they have to put this together.

Dance Fr Japan
Date: 10 April 2011
Venue: *SCAPE Auditorium
Times: 3pm (Matinee), 8pm (Evening)
Ticket Price: SGD 20.00
(100% of proceeds will go to helping Japan)

There will be collection boxes for those who wish to contribute more than just the ticket fare to Mercy Relief. They will be present for the event as well and be happy to answer any queries you may have with regards to how we are helping Japan.

I am waiving my standard publicity fee of 3 curry poks, 2 soft-boiled eggs and 1 kopi-O gao.

So I say make a date on your calendar and come down for this event. Bring your wallets and cheque books along.

For the rest of us on the interneck, spread the word of this event around.

Be it a blog plug, a tweet, a plurk, an FB line on your wall or even a status update on your Live Messenger.

Do it. It is for a good cause!

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- Voxeros

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