09 March 2011

Honest Tea

Great outdoor ad campaign cum social experiment. I do agree that the folks on the East are more honest than the West but I may be wrong since it is just my own impression which resonated with the results in the above clip.

Besides, you can't say their findings are conclusive either, since the sampling rate is grossly insufficient.

Anyway, this reminds me of the Take-A-Penny-Leave-A-Penny soap dish that I saw in several mom-n-pop grocery stores as well as gasoline stations when I was in the US.

It is just a soap dish that you will find next to the cashier's counter and it is filled with pennies.

What is it for, you ask?

Well, in convenience stores, you always come across items with strategic pricing like $0.99, some outright unexplainable like $4.13, prices ending up with decimals as a result of multiplying the GST (or VAT depending on where you are), or simply decimals as a result of store discounts.

So what this dish does is that should you come up with a bill of say $10.01, you just take a penny from the soap dish and give it to the cashier with your $10 thereby circumventing the hassle of having to deal with change.

This system will only work if everyone observes the Honour System where in the reverse scenario, when your checkout comes up to $4.98, the 2 pennies you get back in change from the $5 you paid, goes back to the soap dish.

I hope one day this Honour System, also demonstrated in the Honest Tea (pun play of Honesty), can be a reality everywhere.

Sadly, I don't see this happening soon. Heck, we probably even need to chain the soap dish to the counter in some places, lest someone make away with it. :(

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

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