23 March 2011

Morning Condensation

It was one heck of a foggy weekend so much so that we got weather alert, citing heavy fog of visibility under 200m.

Well, this was the aftermath of that weekend on Monday morning. Water condensation everywhere, the doors, the marble wall panels, the windows and the slippery-as-heck floors.

Usually, we only get that in the early part of the year where the season is starting to thaw out after winter. The cold snap was somewhat of a relapse and no one is for sure if it is due to the Super Moon or the nuclear fallout in the region?

Any guesses?

- Voxeros


NaiveGuy said...

I do not think its the nuclear fallout out, as no nuclear bomb has exploded, and to my knowledge, a nuclear reactor will not explode like a nuclear bomb in any circumstance (ala nuclear winter).

Maybe its just freak weather, who knows right?

JayWalk said...

I am thinking it has something to do with the super moon.