15 March 2011

Cathay Pacific Rugby Sevens 2011

The Hong Kong Sevens is just around the corner and title sponsor, Cathay Pacific Airways, has come up with a TVC which I thought was pretty amusing.

Overall, I love the execution but I found myself asking if tripping and swinging a meal cart crashing into people are the right messages to convey to the audience?

After all, isn't Cathay Pacific Airways all about comfort and hospitality?

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

You got a point there, but notice what happens after they trip the players? They pamper them with blankets and such. So I thought its a great juxtaposition of showing Cathay's service vs the message that Cathay is heavily involved in this event:) But I pity the ladies having to run in their suits though, hehe...


JayWalk said...

Well, that may be right but I don't see how they can recover after ramming an entire meal cart into the poor fella!

That has gotta hurt!