11 September 2012

Burger King In The Capital

This is the Burger at Terminal 3 of the Capital Airport.

I had a noon flight back to HQ and decided to pull in for a quick lunch before I board the plane. Yeah. I still think airline food is inedible, especially domestic flights.

That's a picture of the BK staff that took my order.

I placed my order of the usual burger, fries and drink combo when she asked me, "加芝士?" (Add cheese?)

While it may be strange back home to be asking about the option of cheese, it must be understood that cheese is not as popular here as overseas.

Being a fan of cheese of all kinds, I answered. "加." (Add.)

She became slight annoyed and asked again. Louder. "加芝士?"

Liew. You annoyed. I also annoyed lor. Again. I also louder. "加!"

Then she buay tahan already and lagi louder and clearer. "在这吃??!!!?"

Walan!!! Your bladdy northern accent so thick lor..... How I know you asking if I eating here instead of taking out?? I thought you asking if I want cheese in my burger lor.


"是的!!!! 在这吃!!!"


- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Are those words very similar sounding? Can't imagine mistaking those questions in English, no matter how ridiculous the accent is...:P


JayWalk said...

Arrenn: English accents are no better if they are laying it thick.

I remember back in NTU, I had a lecturer who had such a thick West Asian accent that I gave up attending his lecture since I saw no point going if I can't understand a single word he is saying.

Gary Lee said...

HAHAHA.. I literally LOL at this hilarious conversation!!

JayWalk said...

Gary: Heh heh....

Mystique said...

LOL!! good one, you just made me laugh! haha!

JayWalk said...

Mystique: Wow.... haven't heard from you for a long time! Good to have you back!