24 September 2012

Warehouse Office

It was a busy weekend as our current office's tenure is due to expire at the end of the month. The bastard landlord is jacking up the rental by 45%, to which we say screw it.

In the interest of cutting costs, I am moving my office back to the warehouse where there is ample space for everyone.

The current office is actually a 4-bedder apartment on the ground floor which we convert into an office. The living area serves as the office while the bedrooms remained as staff accommodations.

Before I proceed, let me give a brief intro to the city's geography. The centre of the city is where T1ananmen Square & The Forbidden City are located. Then you have concentric ring roads ala dart board that that surrounds the centre. The further away from the centre, the cheaper the real estate.

Beijing is a strange place where food is cheap but the housing is ridiculously expensive. You can have a breakfast for 3 persons for only RMB 8.50 (less than SGD 3.00) but a 2-bedder apartment outside the city at outer 4th ring will set you back by as much as RMB 4000 (SGD 800) a month.

Granted this is still cheap by Singapore standards but bear in mind many people's salary here isn't even half of the rental. A manager's salary is around RMB 5 to 10k and so it doesn't make sense to work a job and then have half or even more of your salary going to your landlord.

So coming back, staff accommodation in the existing office is a case of we just so happen to have room and so accommodation is free.

Now that we are moving back to the warehouse which we will double up as office, we also have quarters here that we will provide rent free.

However, as you can see, the warehouse is a wee bit run down and so I am getting complains from the Sales Princess, whining about not wanted to move in. That's fine with me since no one says you die die have to stay at the warehouse accommodation. Everyone is free to stay wherever they want.

What irked me max was that she made it sound like it's my problem that I don't provide free board that is to her liking.

Granted that the company is providing me with lodging elsewhere that is of better standard, but I am sure as hell not going to let her take it for granted that the spare room in my 2-bedder is her entitlement.

I say take it or leave it. Not happy? Go find another job elsewhere then.


- Voxeros


naeboo said...

u just want her to know she needs to exchange sexual favours isit? just tell her flat out la.... :P

JayWalk said...

naeboo: Ewwww. No!