03 September 2012

Forbidden City 2.1 - Daily Items

In the Forbidden City, some of the palaces in both the East side and West doubled up as museums of artifacts used back then.

I came across this bowl made of gold and for some strange reason, I thought of our ministers' salaries. I wonder why. :P

We all heard of the saying born with a silver spoon. I think the royalties here lagi more tok kong. They got gold spoon ok!!

This item above is a roller massager dated back as early at the 17th century.

I took a closer look at the description placard and did a double-take. The Chinese description of this tool is 推胸 which literally translates to "Push Chest".

Suddenly, I was flooded with all the "massage chest" jokes that I used to kachow Starmist with.


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- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Not just Starry lar, every single XMM that crossed your path got the privilege of your "massage chest" technique liao;)


starmist said...


JayWalk said...

Arrenn: Ahh.... but Starmist is my fave customer. Heh heh...

Starmist: Don't hmppphhh lah... treatment for royalty one leh. Heh heh heh....

starmist said...

Actually... I cannot remember how this "massage chest" thing started. Do you remember?

JayWalk said...

Starmist: It started with your bout of migraine and I offered to massage your chest to alleviate the pain.

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