25 September 2012

MYP Award Ceremony 2012 - Part 2

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So without further ado, here's the report on the MYP Award Ceremony 2012.


This year’s ceremony was held on 22nd September 2012 (Sat), 10 am @ Geylang Methodist School Primary (GMSP).

Present were 20 MYP award recipients, their parents, supporters of Run For Funds and GMSP teachers-in-charge.

(Note: To date, 65 students have received the MYP award)

I was heartened when I was told that, for the first time (and hopefully not the last) the students planned and organized the entire event!

The MCs for the event, Jamie Chan and Yeo Jin Ye, did a fantastic job managing the proceedings.

They also facilitated a mini-workshop for the MYP students to reflect on key success factors in school/life.

A special guest was invited to this year’s award ceremony.

Alfie Lim (right), MYP award recipient in 2004, inspired the MYP recipients with his speech about perseverance, treasuring opportunities given and choosing the right company. (Alfie excelled in his 2011 A levels with 7A and 1B. He hopes to be a litigator and will be studying law @ NUS after he completes his National Service).

RFF supporter Aw Kah Peng and myself then addressed the students separately. Both spoke about the importance of choosing friends wisely. The MYP recipients were reminded that goods friend can help them, bad friends may destroy them.

Awards were then presented to the students by RFF supporters (Click here to see the Facebook photo album)

Event ended with a tea reception + group photo taking.


MYP was made possible by the following people.

Jessie Soh and Theresa Thong – whose dedication and labour of love in the past 9 years has impacted 65 young lives and their families.

Rina Yap and Molly Soong (Principal and vice-principal of GMSP) – for supporting the MYP and for their leadership @ GMSP. GMSP will continue to be a beacon of light in the demographically challenged Geylang district.

RFF supporters – Yes, you !! Thanks for your support, prayers and contributions all these years.


With the disbursement of year’s award, MYP funds at GMSP have been depleted.

S$21,000 is needed to keep the programme running for another 3 years.

There is $17,000+ in the RFF account (we did not raise funds in 2011 and 2012)

So I may be tapping you on the shoulder to appeal to your kindness and generosity to keep this excellent programme (that has a direct impact on young lives and their families) going :-)



- Voxeros

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