20 September 2012

Walking In The Capital

I have been doing a lot of walking lately as I do my rounds visiting all our supermarkets checking on the respective store inventories.

Ask anyone who has lived in Beijing and they will tell you that it doesn't really make sense to travel by car within city limits. The traffic is so bad that sometimes even at 10pm, the traffic can be pretty badly gridlocked.

The subway is the way to go but it can be so crowded that it's a nightmare to be squashed inside. If you think the human jam pictures that we saw when our own Circle Line was opened was horrendous, you haven't seen nothing yet. It's actually nothing compared to the situation here in the Capital during peak period.

I dunno kena buahed by happy aunties how many times liao. Haiz.

What I like about the subway here, despite the human squash during peak hours, is that when you tell people in the train that you are getting off at the next stop, everybody will somehow maneuver to make space for you to get to the exit door. Think of it as a human version of Klotski.

There isn't always a subway station at my intended destination and some requires you to walk a couple of kilometers after you get out of the train station.

Well, this is all fine with me as I could use the extra exercise.

Besides, the weather is really awesome right now. Midday noon and we are talking about a windy 25-degree Celsius sunny sky. It can't better than that.

Walking is a breeze. Sorry couldn't resist.

Problem is a month from now and the mercury will start to drop. Going further into the year and we are going to see sub-zero temperature and even snow.

Makes me wonder how to go about doing my rounds then?

 - Voxeros


Anonymous said...

xmms to the rescue!

Anonymous said...

Start jogging. :P

- ashley -

JayWalk said...

Anonymous: Ah? Get them to do the rounds for me during winter? I don't think that's how it works. -_-"

Ashley: Wrong attire lah.... liew...