23 April 2005

Silly Dream

It's 5.08am Singapore time as I awoke to a totally bizarre and silly dream. Thought I pencil it down in case I forget. For those arm-chair psychologist, care to give me a low-down as to what the dream was all about? If you can come up with 4 digits, lagi best. Thanks.

So there I was in my dream, knocked off from work early one afternoon. I was an employee again, working for somebody else and so I guess this would take be back to the time where I was working in a dot-com coz the setting was Raffles Place and I was in my shirt and tie.

In this dream, the dot-com is still a dot-com (read: not dot-gone) coz, I was walking to the carpark, in the direction of the chauffeur holding the door to my limo.

There was no details about the car ride but Act I Scene II takes me to somebody's HDB flat which doubled up as a Malay food store. There is this nice Malay auntie operating the food stall with the glass window displaying her yummy makan and few tables and chairs scattered around like Charlie's Corner in the early days. There were quite a few people there and I ordered the nasi lemak. It was the traditional ones with the banana leaf folded into a triangle.

As it was late afternoon, so most of the folks there weren't eating then. They were just hanging out and listening to a Malay talk show on the radio. Machiam like the old Kopi-tiam-listening-to-Rediffusion-box days.

It was in Malay and I don't know enough of the language to be able to listen to the program. YET, I somehow knew that the DJ was inviting for callers. So I whipped out my mobile phone and dial the numbers read out on the program (yah lah... at least I know the satu, dua, tiga and ampats....).

Guess what, I got through and the DJ was on the other end. It was Queen Latifah! (Don't ask me how I can see her over the phone/radio. I just can, OK?)

I was on LIVE National Radio! We didn't get a word in as she was busy taking in another caller, which turned out to be a Malay guy. It was a 3-way conference and the chatter began. Me, with obviously not enough conversational Bahasa to save my life, soon turned into the silent party in the 3-way talk on LIVE national radio.

The rest of the phone conversation was just me holding the phone to my ear and listening to the two of them chatter away. What are they talking about??! It's weird coz I could easily do that by just listening to the radio. However, like a moth to the open flame, I found my hand stuck to my phone, phone stuck to my ear.

Obviously, with no chance of participating in the conversation, I went on with eating my nasi lemak with one hand, while the other was still holding the phone and listening to them talking.

I lost track of the conversation as I went about doing my stuff when all of a sudden, I realised that there was nobody at the other end of the phone. It was all silent.

Instinctively, I went, "Er.... hello?"

And there was this other voice in English. "Who's this?"

It was Georgina Chang (I know! I know! I can see the other party by listening to their voices!) who was the producer of the radio station.

I explained what I had been doing for the past hour and she explained, "But..... but... the show ended 20 minutes ago!"

"HAR???" as I was jolted awake.

Hmm... strange dream....... oh well, time to go pang jio liao......

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1. a reader left...
Saturday, 23 April 2005 7:34 am
Let me analyze for you.

You probably miss home and Singapore - thus, the Malay padang stall, as well as Bahasa Malay. As for Queen Latifah, I sense someone in the blogosphere resembling her, not in a bad way, but a complimentary way. I'd better not say who, otherwise I would end up at the Nasi Padang food stall.

Becos' you have been keeping in touch with her. As for Georgina Chang, that would relate to all those flying you've been doing.....perhaps, one of those flight stewardness resembled her.

2. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 23 April 2005 9:36 am
Damn weird man.... Queen Latifah speaking Bahasa.

Some one resembling her? Who ah? Who ah? *Act Blur* 

Actually, I think Queen Latifah popped in coz I was checking out her new movie "Beauty Shop" on the web prior to konking out.

Georgina Chang was probably a throwback to the old days when Perfect 10 first started.

Speaking of Perfect 10, I remembered setting up a stall at ACJC bi-annual fun fair were we were spinning music and taking dedictions.

We called ourselves FM 98.6. The Nearly Perfect 10.

In all, you are right about the fact that I missed home lots.

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