23 April 2005

Of Daffy Duck And Cash-On-Line Machine

Hmm.... looks like I'm on a roll here, reminiscing about my crazy youth. Well, it looks like KnightOfPentacles got tickled with the earlier ones and so I say, "KnightOfPentacles, for you special. I write one more".

I remembered clearly. It was back in 1987 and I was in Sec 4. School was done for the day and my pal, Sam and I took CSS Bus No.3 to town (coz en route can see RGS girls mah. heh heh... but I digress).

We got off at Paragon and heading to the basement* for the ATM as we were both pretty broke. We were walking side by side and we both knew that we were spying each other from the corner of our eye. The ATM was in sight, and there was a silent exchange. The race to the ATM was on as neither of us wanted to be the guy to have to wait in queue.

However, we had to maintain our composure and act cool coz neither of us wanted to admit that we were kiasu and/or childish.

15 metres. I sensed that he picked up the pace a little and edge slightly forward. I kept pace.

10 metres. My turn to raise the stakes as I nudged slightly forward while resisted breaking the stride into a sprint.

5 metres. We were neck and neck. Breathing was brisk, adrenaline was pumping, heartbeat was accelerating.

4 metres. Like a horse, wearing the blinders, all I could see was the ATM under a spotlight on a darkened stage. There was nothing else in sight. Just the ATM. Machiam the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones like that.

3 metres. Everything was in slow motion. Just the ATM in front. All ambient noise were blocked out. It was total silence from the outside. All I could hear was my own heartbeat and breathing. Lub-dub... lub-dub... lub-dub....

2 metres. Critical point breached! GO! GO! GO! I went for the ATM with a giant leap, like an octopus/alien being flung towards the machine. I landed with my arms and YES, even my legs around the machine, proudly proclaiming (ala Daffy Duck**) at the top of my voice, "MINE! MINE! ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHAHAAH!!!"

As I turned victoriously around to face my defeated adversary, I saw a lady standing there, totally jaw dropped. Siao liao....

There Sam was, at the mama shop browsing through the magazines some distance away. Nah beh.....

I didn't talk to Sam for a week after that.

* Back then, coming down from the stairs from street level, we have Cold Storage supermarket on the left and a mama shop on the right with the POSB Cash-On-Line machine right at the end. I wonder if it is still the same today.

** Click here or the picture for the original Daffy Duck sound clip.

- Voxeros

1. a reader left...
Sunday, 24 April 2005 5:41 pm
I am honoured.
knightofpentacles []
2. JayWalk left...
Sunday, 24 April 2005 7:23 pm
ahh.... but you are most welcomed.
A happy visitor is a reward in itself.
Cheers, mate.

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