03 April 2005

Tighten Your Anus??!!

Titan UranusSpotted another gem of a picture here from the South China Morning Post dated 2 Apr 2005.

Obviously somebody in the Naming Department had an axe to grind with the top management. Perhaps they were being anal-retentive (pun pun) ?

As the vessel was registered in Hong Kong, I doubt if the guy at the vessel registry spotted this prank.

Question now is if the Captain has nice butt cheeks from all the er..... exercises? Or is someone out there hinting that there isn't enough toilets on board for the crew, especially in the mornings?

- Voxeros

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Thursday, 2 June 2005 7:48 pm
the name of this vessel has got nothing to do with tightening of anus. pls check this out
Alvin Tan []

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