27 April 2005

My Blog Got Professional Decorator, OK? Mai Siao Siao Hor?

So how do you like the blog's new look? Nice right? I got professional help ok? Don't pway pway ah!

I guess when the bill come through the mail slot, say goodbye to an arm and/or a leg. Ok... ok... just kidding. I hope.

Anyway, credit where credit is due. My thanks to WonkyTong for her generous wisdom. If there is an Oscar award for the blog design, she is SOOO gonna be in my speech.

"I wood like to tank my fudder, my mudder........"

It all started when we were just talking about my blog and we were lamenting about the links to post comments on each blog entry being so tiny to the extent of almost invisible.

Most folks would have given up by the 4th second... She said that she actually took 15 minutes just to locate it for the first time.... *lau bak sai*

So we thought why not do something about it and that's we started the "Murphy Brown vs Eldin Bernecky" episode where I was the Murphy and she the contractor, Eldin.

She took charge from 0-to-60 in record speed and I was adding this, removing that, changing this, trying that.....

It was more than just Murphy Brown, I tell you, it was "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" where she was the FAB-FIVE-IN-ONE.

I was totally bowed over when RGB hexadecimal codes flowed from her like it was her mother tongue. "Try #528a63. Next try #315573. No try #FF6600...."

Mmm...... techie babe...... mmm....... I like..... *drool*

In all, I like the end result. I like the 2-column format. I like the cleaner, less cluttered look. I like the colours. Thank you, WonkyTong. Owe you a big one for this. It's nice to get a woman's touch on it. *Big Grin*

p.s. I think I am going to leave the orange as that. Like I said, the Dutch will love me for it. (",)

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

1. a reader left...
Wednesday, 27 April 2005 9:53 pm
I'm itching to change my template for a long time. If I have time, I do it...May be up by next year....kekekeke..
Lancerlord []
2. a reader left...
Thursday, 28 April 2005 12:46 am
No fair! Why Nethia got specially-designed template and header from you but I don't have? *pouts*

You're MY sugar daddy, not hers! *pouts some more*

3. a reader left...
Thursday, 28 April 2005 3:47 am
you sabo me! I where got blog decorator. I just offer comments only lah. Besides, you chose the colors yourself..... Now, I have to look for a RGB #234124 to camouflage my face!

4. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 28 April 2005 10:10 am
Lancerlord: Yes, we are always tempted to tweak our blog from time to time but never ever managed to get up and do something about it. 

I was lucky to get the proverbial kick in the butt to get off my ass and ACTUALLY do something about it.

Sheena: Alamak, yours is Work-In-Progress at the moment. Really. I needed sometime to figure out how to do one to match your Bandung color.....

I am thinking of doing your in a chrome license plate effect but very rusty with Photoshop liao. Maybe need to refer back to my tricks manual for a refresher but the book is in Singapore, that is if I can still find it. Aiyah.... you take care of your exams first, can?

Anna: Where got sabo you? I do free advertising for you what?!!

Damn, I actually needed to fire up my PaintShop just to see what #234124 is... ~LOL

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