05 April 2005

In A Nutshell About The Cheena Gahmen Blocking

I actually had to dial into Hong Kong just so that I can add this bladdy entry. However, I believe that it is worth the $$$$ from the IDD (not to mention internet roaming charges).

Anyway, an extract from "Me, My Blog & I - The Road Up To Now"

"...Year 2001 was when I started working in Ch1na. It was also the same year that I discovered Blogger. It was such a beautiful tool that makes writing journals so much easier with a nice looking page design to boot. I signed up so that I can jot down my memories and experience in Ch1na (and eventually publish my memoirs?) but alas, the first two years was so hectic getting into the pace of work and at the same time adjusting to life in a foreign place. Consistent blogging was really a challenge. What many don't know is that the web is heavily censored by the Stoopid Garment. While I can understand the political sensitivity of foreign news sites like BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN (most of it are already unblocked at the present day), I was especially exasperated by ordinary harmless sites making its way into the black list. Hello? Did anyone actually go see the website before passing judgement? Hello? Hello? For some stoopid unknown reason, Blogger got sucked into the blacklist shortly after. While I was lucky that I didn't have much to lose, migration to Blogspot was easy though albeit with a sour after-taste. When it rains, it pours, as Blogspot too got blocked shortly after Blogger. SI BEH DOO LAN!!..."

Anyway, just thought I extend an invitation to all to cross over to

Don't be a stranger!

Afternote (18 Aug 2010): Blog-city is going to close shop at the end of 2011 and so I am migrating everything back here.

- Voxeros


John14:6 said...

Wah, Jay, didn't know so siong one living in China.

JayWalk said...

mum2one: Well, I have to say that things are a bit easier now than last time.

A few years back and we didn't even have broadband. Everything was on dial-up.

Back then, in order to receive big files, I have to leave the laptop to run thru the entire night just to download it.

Anonymous said...

First off, welcome to the blog!

Your peers are lucky to be in Shanghai and Beijing where the expat community is big.

Try a place like mine where you are all alone. Huge irony considering that I am in the world's most populous country.

Anyway, I don't really update my blog here. If I may invite you over to

See you there.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the pleasure's all mine. Glad to have you here anyway.

33? Hah! Still a spring chicken in my books. Hmm.. some how Old wizard sounds unfairly better than an Old Witch.

Old Geezer perhaps?

Anyway, do feel free ask me any questions on blogging. While I may not qualify as an expert or anything, I sure would like to help if at all, possible.


Anonymous said...

First off, what is it with you and spanking har.....?? *chugs another cup of liang teh*

As for the repetitive emphasis on 心服口服 hor, I just want to drive across the point mah. Frankly, I don't mind even if PAP win all 84 seats in Parliament but win with style mah. Dun every goal also come from penalty kicks mah. :(

About your blog hor. Design simple is not a bad thing lah. Look at mine over at Blog-city. Same same lah.

Important thing is the remember "CONTENT IS KING". Gimme a zero design blog but damn nice to read hor, I will still read one.

Anyway, I like your blog except that I get a bit fruss with the scroll box within but that is just me lah.

BTW, I blogrolled you liao.

Anonymous said...

Blogrolling is a term common used in the Blogosphere. I just Monkey See Monkey Do niah.

I think my work a bit same same as you. I walk around with a pen permanently stuck behind my ear and a digicam and a tape measure everywhere I go.

I is carpenter. I design and make furniture one which is why I was quite intriqued by your choice of toys in your latest blog entry. Some of the designs I have seen before and are familar with them. Not I design one though. My level berry low one. :P

Anonymous said...

Designer sounds like too big a word liao.... my head now DAMN BIG liao...

No lah. I just manufacturer niah. Small potato one.

The stuff that I do mostly traditional and transitional. Very little contemporary styling.

What's your MSN? I'll show you a piece of two then.

Unknown said...


I'd appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our site:

I realize that you are home decor-modern design connoisseur :) I'd like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also,

it'd be swell if you can place our pastil chair link on your blog.

Thank you,


JayWalk said...

Hi Nancy!

Welcome to the blog.

It's an oxymoron when I say that your products are timeless contemporary classics.

I am familiar with your products and I am guessing you are sourcing them from China and/or Vietnam.

These designs has been around for quite a while and prices has dropped drastically since. Quality will be a big issue as pressing down prices means compromising quality.

A barcelona chair today and 10 years ago would be of significantly different quality and their prices then and now, reflects exactly this.

Worse for the chinese manufacturers (good for you) when the RMB free-falls against the greenback back between 2006 and 2008.

Good thing you are not dealing with wooden bedroom furniture and hence avoid having to deal with the pesky anti-dumping nonsense.

I also notice you are in City of Industry. Lotsa LA furniture folks there. :)

Do forgive me if I decline your request to put a link on my blog. I intend to keep the blog commercial free.

Hope you understand.