16 June 2005

The Dumbass Aftermath

The dust has finally settled and the adrenaline dissipated. It was pretty draining to rant which is why you see happy stuff on my blog most of the time rather than kill, kill, kill.

Have to say my emotions got the better of me (hormones?) when I wrote the last blog. That's why I said I am going to regret writing that. People around me would attest that this is hardly the JayWalk that they knew. At worst, it would be me being a Jee Siao Kia. Alas, a lot of people have been pushing my buttons lately. Also perhaps it's why I have been blogging so diligently. It is one of my few happy places left.

I have to thank tinkertailor for setting me straight when he said "you may be right to call her actions 'disrespectful', but to call her a dumbass in the same breath?" By george, he's right! It was a trap and I fell right into it.

I also thank Sheena for jumping into my defence (you really want that iPod huh?) but I have to say that tinkertailor has a valid point there. However, it still won't change the jist of my earlier blog. I stand by what I said.

Such is the nature of modern communication, once it gets out, you can't take it back. Even if you apologise after that, the damage is done. Once the "send" button is clicked, you cannot retract it. If it's out, it's out.

I was bracing myself for flames from the Bandung Stormtroopers but strangely there were none. Not that I am complaining though and I am not writing this to taunt them to come get me. Nah, let's bring the peace back to this little oasis in the blogosphere, shall we?

Quite a few people have asked me to reconsider my decision to get the blog Tomorrow-ed. Yes. Finally, my break to blogo-fame. Thanks but no. Thanks to those who see me so up but I prefer to just keep this low-key. I didn't write this just so that I can get pats on the back from those who agree with me. I wrote it because I am appalled at how vicious a person can be to another. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As for getting it Tomorrow-ed. Part of me really wanted to get it up there although it was not for the reason of attracting hits. I am more curious to see if the blog could get past the editors' voting process. Will it get the simple majority? Or would it be canned to protect one of their own. Sounds like a certain gahmen of a certain country eh? (Which country? Which?)

For all that it's worth, I am sure that there would be at least one objection from one of the editors (Who ah? Who?).

Anyway, my suspicion of cronyism lasted all but 6 hours when I received an email from one of the editors, whom I shall not name. It was a pleasant chat via emails although I am not at liberty to disclose the details. All I can say is that the integrity of the board of editors is intact and I have a new found respect for them sans one.

- Voxeros

1. Han left...
Friday, 17 June 2005 11:50 am
Tinkertailor is a guy.

2. barffie left...
Friday, 17 June 2005 12:05 pm
GROWLS. Your posts I like. Don't have to Tomorrow it, it's all good :D

3. JayWalk left...
Friday, 17 June 2005 12:14 pm :: 
Han: Heng ah... thanks for telling me that before tinkertailor read the blog. Phew!

I guess I was associating his nick with Tinkerbell and hence the feminine assumption. My bad.

barffie: Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hereby bestow you Barffie The Empire Slayer of the Pink Order.

4. anna left...
Friday, 17 June 2005 10:57 pm
haha, well done on the pink troopers! Or should I say, Bandung Vader troopers.

I like the shade of pink, almost every one.

5. ahdokboy left...
Friday, 17 June 2005 11:53 pm
bandung troopers! Hilarious! Hey man you don't need to get tomorrowed.. you're an good writer with a decent audience, why attract the troopers only to get flamed? cheers.

6. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 18 June 2005 12:42 am :: 
anna: I did the Vader while the Trooper one, I kapok for other people site one.

Ahdokboy: Yeah, which is why I asked the editors not to put it up. Actually come to think of it, if not for Pink, where do we get the fodder to do all the funny ribbings?

7. One Little Twit left...
Thursday, 23 June 2005 2:05 am ::
:) I came to your blog because of the Pinky. Perhaps i now have her to thank for. 'Dumbass of the Week' was an enjoyable read.

8. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 23 June 2005 9:04 am :: 
One Little Twit: Thanks for dropping by. I am surprised that this is still attracting readers even though it is already a week old... oh well, perhaps this would be an evergreen post. 

For Bandung Vader's sake, I hope not.

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