14 June 2005

Why Are We Meeting Up?

Like FinickyFeline and Jordan, in their respective blogs about meet-ups among bloggers, I somehow felt compelled to give my 2 cents' worth here.

I agree with both that in this world that we are in, we are more often than not, judged by our looks before everything else. Not only in blogger meetups but also in our daily stuff like job interviews, passing each other on the street or even the simple looking at each other from across the canteen. From a physics' point of view, this can't be help. Light travel faster than sound. It is inevitable. We will see the person before we are able to get to know them. With our brain processing at lightning pace, something would have already been formulated in our heads before we even get the chance to utter the first "Hello".

However, the real crux of the matter is not about the information your brain "formulated", but rather how you choose to use this new input of information.

The beauty of the blog is to allow the outside world to get to know you better without having to go through the initial stage of exterior scrutiny. Get the chance to know the wonderful person on the inside first without having to prejudge him/her on the outside. Then perhaps, the next stage of getting to know the person better would be to meet up. Sort of a reverse in the steps of meeting someone. Of course, there will be those that would feel uncomfortable revealing themselves for after all, the blog is a sanctuary of anonymity. Well, like I always say, to each his/her own.

I mentioned to a fellow blogger over MSN recently that we have all kinds of people in the blogosphere and we must learn to accept that fact that not everybody thinks along the same line. After all, isn't that what makes reading blogs interesting? Imagine if everybody is a homogeneous lot, then what fun is there anymore?

A blogger meetup should not be just about wanting to see what each other look like. It should more so, be about getting to know the person behind the blog better. I recently met up with Sheena on my last trip back to Singapore and was glad to have made a new friend. Through our conversations over sessions of Fong Seng, kopi, hoon kee and her Harpic Toilet Water, I got to know her at a deeper level. It takes me to a new level when I go to her blog as I now not only can understand what's on her blog but also what's behind the her blog. Above all, I made a new friend, which was all that mattered.

However, before I sound like some self-righteous prick, I have to say that I can't and won't stop anybody who wants to meet up just so that he/she can "check the other person out". I'd frown on it but that's as far as I would go. After all, wouldn't I be just as guilty of judging others, if I did? 'Nuff said.

"... D-day arrived. He/she is different. You are utterly disappointed. Full stop..." - Jordan

I mean why should there be a disappointment? Why should there be an expectation to how he/she should look like? So what if the person you are about to meet appears to be different*? So what?

 Too bad, I will be missing the first as I won't be in Singapore then. However, I would strongly encourage all to attend. Open your minds and go make new friends. Have fun!

* Unless of course, it is the extreme case of girl turning out to be a man, or something along that line. Yikes!

- Voxeros

1. ei|een left...
Thursday, 16 June 2005 1:43 pm ::
as much as i agree with your views, i have to say that its so much easier said than done.

human nature, i suppose. sometimes, we can't help but be that way. and i guess its inevitable to feel a lil bit disconcerted if your perception of someone turns out to be so far from the actual.

at the end of the day though, we should all try to keep an open mind. have your own perceptions, by all means. but be ready and willing to change your mindset, even if you're disappointed.

after all, who's to say the other party isn't disappointed as well, right? :)
2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 16 June 2005 6:55 pm :: 
True lor, that's why I said it is inevitable. 

However, we can have a say how we want to use this "pre-judgment" notion.

Anyway, I say you are spot on with the call for an open mind. 

Good call.

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