21 June 2005

Happy Father's Day +1

Got this very funny and clever ad from MeePokTah, who in turn got it from his friend Gazy-Boy.

Initially, I wanted to post this blog on Sunday to coincide with Father's Day but alas a friend passed away the day before and therefore his event shall take a precedence over mine.

While most kids celebrate Father's Day with their fathers, this particular family had to spend it without. Ahh.. such is the irony in life where the dad's funeral had to be on Father's Day. Cruel fate isn't it?

Ok, that's enough of death for now. Go back to my previous blog if you want more of that. Otherwise, it is on to happier things.

I thought this Durex ad was brilliantly witty. Had me in chuckles. Actually the brand durex reminded me of my University days where I wanted to invite them to sponsor our matriculation maze. In return for their sponsorship to our orientation events, I was agreeable to have their samples in the Freshman Goodie Packs as well as to fly a giant helium balloon in the shape of the prophylactic for an entire week. Too bad the Students' Affairs Office frown on it so much that the whole sponsorship deal went flaccid (no pun intended). Our budget shriveled by a few thousand dollars prematurely. Damn.

Anyway, coming back to Father's Day, guess what? I got my first ever Father's Day present! Faith made this thingie in school which I have no idea what is really is but I really don't care lah.... the important thing is that she made it for me. *beams* Going to find a place for it, in the mean time. The thing is that Faith and my Father's Day prezzie is in Singapore while I am stuck in Ch1na. I guess a digital photograph of it, taken by the wifey, will do for now until I get back in September (hopefully!).

Speaking of my two kids, here another picture (below) of the two of them sleeping soundly together. I like the picture very much as it brought out the peace and serenity in me as I see them sleeping. It was also a funny picture and both Big sister and little brother sleeps alike with respect to their "poses" . I wonder if the wife and I sleeps that way too... hmm...

Image Credit:

- Voxeros

1. Sheena left...
Tuesday, 21 June 2005 1:40 pm
Gosh, Faith and Gabe look sooooooooo cute together! And it's so funny how they sleep in identical poses! *ROFL*

I think Faith's got quite a bit of artistic talent too. I think that thingy she made for you is something like a self-made photo frame. A rather ingenious idea from a 3 year old girl.

And yikes, Gabe still looks like you. Why couldn't he have inherited your wife's good looks instead? =p
2. Lexandria left...
Tuesday, 21 June 2005 1:56 pm
They are so adorable!

Guess your heart melted when you saw that gift digitally.

Happy (belated) Daddy's Day To You Then.
3. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 21 June 2005 9:19 pm ::
Sheena: Actually she is only 2. I think she had a bit of help from the teacher but I am just going to pretend I didn't know that. haha.

Lexandria: Thanks for the greet. Actually seeing the picture of the gift was a mixed bag of emotions.
On one hand, it was fantastic as it was my first Father's Day gift ever. Hand-made some more... mai siao siao hor!

On the other hand, it was really painful to see it as it reminded me of the distance of our separation. Till September, I hope.
4. anna left...
Tuesday, 21 June 2005 10:51 pm
That was a wonderful father's day gift. (Well, don't mean the card, but the star ornament made by Faith.) I'm impressed! Oh yes, the two of them sleeping together is so adorable. They look alike. Hmmmm, they probably look more like your wife.
5. vandice left...
Tuesday, 21 June 2005 11:00 pm
Ooh! So CUUUUUUUUUUUTE... Jay, I sympathize with you. Can see cannot hold. Can hear cannot touch. Quick, go home quick. Or bring them over. They grow up veli fast one...
6. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 21 June 2005 11:00 pm :: 
anna: Basket... you all ah, all one by one give me all the backhanded compliment.... grrr.....
7. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 21 June 2005 11:06 pm ::
vandice: Yah lor... hor kuar bor hor jiak. Machiam geh tio siah.... 

Can't go home so soon yet leh coz daddy have to work in order to afford goo nee hoon. 

Probably bring them over next spring when the little one finish all his jabs and the weather not so cold up here.

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