06 June 2005

Learning To Drive

I was reading Belle's blog and I learned that she was going for her driver's test come 17 June 2005 at [Email me if you wish to know what time. *evil laughter*].

It kind of reminded me of Shing's driver's test back in 1988 and how we absolutely ruined it for him.

Getting a driver's license was an obsession at our age during that time. First thing we would do on our 17th birthday was to sign up for the Basic Theory test. Shing, being born in January, was the oldest among us and the first to start the L-Plate process. Also, the fact that he opted to go Poly after "O"-Levels (Poly academic term starts only in July) meant that he was able to learn his driving on a full-timed basis.

Soon it was June and he was ready to take his first driver's test. We were all so jealous with his headstart over us as we were either born later, or unable to fasttrack our driving lessons due to hectic JC life, or both.

Word of Shing's test date and time got out and we planned the ultimate prank on him. All of us cut class that day to go "support" him. There were more than 20 of us there at Ubi Test Centre that morning, in all colours of school uniforms and civilians for the Poly-bound guys. We gave him a rousing applause when he stepped out of the centre with his tester. His jaw dropped.


We clapped, cheered and whistled at every turn and at every stop that he made. I think we totally destroyed his concentration that day. Yes, we were all f*cking bastards.

I'd bet that was the longest 30 minutes of his life as he knocked over a pole during parallel parking and his back wheel caught the curb at the crank-course.

Result? 2 Immediate Failures and 54 Demerit Points. He didn't speak to us for a month after that.

That was a one-off thing as the rest of us made a pact not to do this to each other after learning the impact of the "trauma". Shing was lagi NOT HAPPY as it meant that there was no way of getting his revenge on anyone of us. No, not even one.

It was a Wednesday on my birthday later that month, as I sneaked out of school right after recess (Recess is very important, you know? Cannot skip one.) and was met by a PE teacher at the bus stop.

PE Teacher: What are you doing out of school at this time?

Me: Er.... I just wanted to get home to get my text book. I lived very near here.

PE Teacher: Don't lie to me. Where is your pink slip? I suggest you head back to school now.

Me: *murmuring expletives*

So there I was, walking back to school towards the main gate. But before I reached the main gate, I made a dash to the right and jumped into the bushes. I bashed my way through Rochester Park to Buona Vista MRT station. Nothing was going to stop me from registering for my Basic Theory test date. Nothing.

Such was my determination as I finally made it to the Queenstown Driving Test Centre, 40 minutes later. As I was walking passed the bus stop outside the Test Centre, I saw the same PE teacher looking down at me from the upper deck of Bus 198. It was easy to spot me as I was in school uniform. Our eyes met. Hong Kan!!

I was sure he was looking all over the school for me the following week. However, I was a step ahead of him as I took off my glasses and comb my hair in the opposite direction (with the parting flipped to the other side) for the entire week.

You will be surprised how different you'd look when you comb your hair in the opposite direction, switching your parting to the other side. Unless your hair is Ah-Beng-Centre-Parting, then bor pian lah. You can also try using a bar of soap to shape your eyebrows to get a different look. However, be forewarned when the sweat drips past your eyebrow and into your eyes. Bak chew si beh tiah!! $@#$#@$!!!!

Anyway, in case you are interested to know, I pulled off the escape. Hah!

- Voxeros

1. anna left...
Tuesday, 7 June 2005 6:31 am
is that a touch-up photo? or was the car really submerged?
2. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 7 June 2005 12:03 pm :: 
This is for real. Check out the news article here.

Actually come to think of it, we did have a similar case back in Singapore. I believe it was on a stormy afternoon a few years back. Visibility was low and the cabbie wasn't familiar with the condo's layout. Poor cabbie drove his taxi into the pool.

3. ei|een left...
Tuesday, 7 June 2005 4:02 pm ::
you guys were evil! remind me never to let you know when i take my driving test in future. heh.
and damn "suay" to meet your teacher on the bus. so coincidental! can't believe he's really so blur that he couldn't recognise you. haha!
4. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 7 June 2005 4:16 pm ::
--> Allow me to tell you another prank that I pulled. Goto my good buddy's blog and read all the way down. My anecdote is in the comments.

--> The PE teacher not blur lah for a couple of reasons. 

1) That particular PE teacher was not in charge of my class and as such does not know me on a personal basis.

2) I am exempted from PE as I am a school sportsman and as such, I have my own training schedule and program to follow.

Actually, if you try the few tips e.g. change hair parting to the other side, and shape your eyebrow with a bar of soap, you will actually look different. Of course, taking off the glasses help a lot too.

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