23 November 2005

Run For Funds 2005 (Part 2)

For the convenience of everybody, I am reproducing RunForFunds' latest entry update here. I would like to encourage all to go over to the site to read the rest of the entries.



Run For Funds (Update Nov 05): An appeal for funds

Hi folks, (Superfriends, pls cascade to your sponsors)
This is an email appeal for contributions (funds and volunteer time) for Run For Funds 2005.
(For background info, pls go to
It is 2 weeks to the Stanchart Marathon (4th Dec 2005, Sunday)
The Run For Funds Superfriends have been training hard for their respective 10km, 21km and 42km runs in a bid to raise funds to help the disadvantaged in Singapore.
I look forward to your continued strong support of this movement.
(I'll be running 42km. You can sponsor me on a lump sum or on $X per km completed basis).
Thanks :-)

1. RFF 2004 Snapshot (Dec 04 – Nov 05)
Here's a quick review of RFF 2004
No. of Superfriends: 9
Total distance covered: 219km
Total funds raised: S$ 28,234.60
Major sources of expenditure: (1) Pocket Money fund (not linked to Straits Time's) benefiting at least 30 children from needy families (2) Max Your Potential recipients (13 in GMPS and 5 in GMSS with more to be added) (3) medical beds for old folks home.

2. RFF 2005 Target
No of Superfriends: 15+ (numbers to be finalised as those who are not well prepared are encouraged not to run)
Total distance covered: 350km
Total funds raised: S$40,000
Your contributions this year will go into pocket money and "Maximise your potential" programme in more schools in Singapore. (These programmes have been highly successful in helping the needy).
I'm also hoping to use RFF as a vehicle to fund improvements in the living conditions of the old, sick and destitute, as well as children's homes like Chen Su Lan @ Serangoon Gardens.

3. RFF November 2005 Update
The full report is attached at the end of this email. It will cover:
a. Appeal for funds for RFF 2005 (Yes, Superfriends are running the Stanchart Marathon on 4 Dec 05 Sunday). We need your support ! J
b. Reflections of RFF 2004
c. Year to date expenses

4. Personal thanks.
It's been 2 months since my last update.
In the interim, I've been out of the country most of the time on biz travel.
With the help of friends and teachers @ GMPS and GMSS, I've been able to manage Run For Funds (RFF) remotely.
Thanks guys.
Again, let's make a difference in the lives that we touch.
p/s As always, the report below is very cheong-hei (long-winded). Pls take the time to read it though (esp the reflections bit). Would love to hear from you re my thoughts and opinions as RFF's directions continue to evolve to best assist those in need.


The full report can also be viewed at the RFF blogsite:

Highlights of November 2005 Update
1. Appeal for funds for RFF 2005 (Yes, Superfriends are running the Stanchart Marathon on 4 Dec 05 Sunday). We need your support ! J
2. Reflections of RFF 2004 eg. Max Your Potential scheme to launch at Geylang Methodist Sec School
3. Year to date expenses

1. Appeal for funds for RFF 2005
The Run For Funds Superfriends will be running the Standard Chartered Marathon on 4th of December 2005 (Sunday).
This year, we should have in excess of 15 Superfriends.
As in previous years, each Superfriend will be asking friends for pledges.
Many of them are attempting the distances they've registered for the first time.
Hence they've been training hard to make sure they complete the race SAFELY.
As for me, I'd like to thank all the folks who have supported me since the inception of Run For Funds in 2002.
I look forward to your continued support this year.
It's been a real struggle for me to train for the event due to my frequent travels in 4Q 2005 to countries in temperate regions.
I bring my running shoes with me on the road and hit the hotel gym almost every morning for my 1hr run.
However, running in the gym is so different from Singapore road conditions.
Did my 15 km prep run last Saturday and I looked like I walked through a hurricane (3 times) when I was done.
I was soaked through and through and was quite dehydrated.
I'm in Hong Kong this week and I will only have next week to acclimatize myself back to Singapore weather.
I expect my run this year to be a greater challenge than past years.
My body is starting to say no, as it takes longer to recover after each prep run
However, I've set myself a timing of 5h 30 min to complete the 42km run.
By the way, I'm also looking for sponsors for ko-yok (medical plasters). I've been using quite a lot lately.

2. Reflections of RFF 2004 (Dec 04 to Nov 05)
a. Of golden taps and peanuts
It has been a challenging year managing RFF.
There is more pressure to communicate better and create more transparency due to more funds raised than RFF 2003.
And of course, Mr $600k peanut and his golden taps did not help matters.
It put our plans to bring RFF public on hold as we wait for clearer guidelines for charities post the NKF debacle.
I also hope that the peanut, I mean, NKF incident will not dampen the public's desire to care and share.
The public can roast the peanut but should not stop giving to worthwhile causes J

b. Why RFF should continue to exist
The past year also marked the expansion of my social networks to reach out to the needy via welfare organizations.
I've been exposed to more facets of Singapore's society that may have been forgotten. Eg. The one-roomers and single parent families.
To be honest, I think our government has done a great job in providing support for this group of people (eg. Free healthcare).
However, there is a need to find ways to cut the red tape.
Until that happens, the RFF movement will continue to exist to plug these gaps in the system

c. Learning to call someone's bluff
It was also interesting to note that word has gotten around in Geylang about RFF. Hence there is a greater need to screen cases that are deserving.
There are able bodied pple looking for free hand-outs.
More discernment is needed to handle these cases.
Since RFF's inception, I've learnt to call the bluff of these free loaders.
Sometimes I wonder if I have what it takes to become a pro poker player. Hahaah!

d. Major achievements in RFF 2004
The inaugural Max your potential (MYP) scheme in Geylang Methodist Primary School was a resounding success.
The first batch of recipients excelled in their academic work and co-curricular activities.
As a result, we increased the number of recipients from 7 to 13 and increased the grant level from $250 to $350.
The pocket money fund has also come a long way in helping feed students sent to school hungry.
After discussions with Geylang Methodist Secondary School (GMSS), we've decided to kick off the MYP programme with 5 students in Jan 2006, set up a pocket money fund and also a "GCE O level exam fees" fund to help those who can't afford the fees (approx $200).
Lastly, the 8 medical beds we bought for Geylang East Home for the Aged was money well spent.
Out spent the old, rickety, bug ridden wooden beds.
And the smiles on the old folk's faces when they saw their new beds …… priceless.
I'll see if we can further fund this in 2006.

3. RFF year to date expenses
Balance as of September 2005 update: S$ 17.439.95
Expense in 4Q 2005: S$10,000 (to set up MYP, pocket money fund and O level exam fees fund)
Outstanding balance: S$7,439.95.
The balance will be carried over to 2006 to fund 1Q 06 activities as funds typically take up to March to roll in.
Pls note that the intent is not for RFF to build up reserves that can last 30 years, unlike some organizations.

End of note.

- Voxeros

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