20 November 2005

J-Files Case# 882.732 - Operation Crimson Cattle (Supplement)

I supposed a lot of people catch no ball when I did the J-Files Case# 882.732 - Operation Crimson Cattle piece.

As such, a bit of background information is in order for the benefit of those who have been scratching their heads since.

It all started with an MSN chat with Nadnut (see below) when I blurted that I am able to write about anything and everything. The gauntlet of challenge was thrown and I realised a foot-in-mouth as soon as she set "Nadnut" as the topic. Hong gan liao.

Fortunately, by a stroke of sheer dumb luck of inspiration, I managed to come up with the Secret Agent plotline. Not quite the 1000-word piece that she demanded but at 600+ words, buay pai liao lah...

So now you know.

Session Start : Tue Nov 15 09:27:38 2005

[10:00] JayWalk: i turned the gig down coz i cannot write under pressure.
[10:00] JayWalk: sure haywire one.....

[10:00] Nadnut: yeah roh
[10:03] Nadnut: wat do u write?

[10:03] JayWalk: i dun mean short stories like yours.
[10:03] JayWalk: i mean stuff on my blog.
[10:04] JayWalk: or give me a topic. any topic and i can crunch it out easily.
[10:04] JayWalk: as long as i get myself into the "zone"

[10:06] Nadnut: hahaa
[10:06] Nadnut: any topic ah?

[10:06] JayWalk: well....almost.....

[10:06] Nadnut: i give u one topic u write?
[10:06] Nadnut: hahahaa

[10:07] JayWalk: don't give me topic like yeast infection and i will be fine...

[10:07] Nadnut: ...
[10:07] Nadnut: topic = nadnut
[10:07] Nadnut: wahahhahahaahaa

[10:07] JayWalk: ok.
[10:07] JayWalk: Nadnut's Nut.
[10:09] JayWalk: i think i will write about Nadnut after i meet her.
[10:09] JayWalk: what d;ya think?

[10:10] Nadnut: hahaa
[10:10] Nadnut: stalling!

[10:10] JayWalk: ok ok ... fine..... hmmppttt

[10:10] Nadnut: hahaha

Session Close (Nadnut): Tue Nov 15 12:24:01 2005
- Voxeros

1. nadnut left...
Monday, 21 November 2005 7:16 pm
wwahahaha. *cough*

2. akk left...
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 9:39 am
and a great job was done, man! hurrah! heheheh...

3. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 10:18 am ::
nadnut: Cough cough har? Go drink some redbull to soothe your throat ok?

Akk: I tell har, it was sheer luck. I was mulling over it for over a day and nothing, nada, zero, geero, zilch.
Then a sudden gush of shit to the brain and out came the 600+-word piece in 10 minutes. Heng ah...

4. mht left...
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 2:19 pm
so this is what it is all about. from a challenge by Nadnut.

5. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 4:23 pm ::
mht: Yup so now you know. The supplement was an after-thought since private jokes will exclude a lot of other people. Not nice lah....
You want, you also can do a Agent MHT piece.

6. mht left...
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 9:52 pm
tks but no tks.

7. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 10:34 pm :: 
mht: Awww... party pooper... :P

8. nadnut left...
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 11:40 pm
yeah lah! party pooper! booooo

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