11 July 2008

Hair For Hope 2008

Hair For Hope is an annual event (5th year running) organised by the Children's Cancer Foundation.

It is an event where volunteers from the public step forward to shave off their hair as a show of support.

So why the unusual act of shaving off the locks? Well, for starters, Children's Cancer Foundation as the name suggests is geared towards supporting of children patient of cancer and hair loss is a common trait as a result of chemotherapy treatment.

In a way, it is just an attention-grabbing event but for a good reason. Now that people are noticing, the Children's Cancer Foundation hopes to use the platform of this publicity to create awareness of children's cancer.

From there, they hope to get support from well wishers financially and/or otherwise.
This year's Hair For Hope is held at VeloCity@Novena Square where fellow Barflies Gary, Shelly and Nash, together with baby Barfly Joshua and Joshua's grand-uncle Henry were all there to give up their locks in a show of solidarity.


So anyway, to show my support, I am plugging this and hopefully you can do the following:
  1. Visit the Children's Cancer Foundation to learn more about what they are doing. Perhaps this is somewhere you can offer your volunteer services?
  2. Donate to the Children's Cancer Foundation if you are looking for some place to make a donation.
  3. Plug this on your respective blog and spread the word around. I feel that this is a good message that should be share with all.
Image Credit: Barffie
- Voxeros

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