04 July 2008

Riot In GuiZhou

This happened last week but only made it to the news after the Spitland Central Gahmen initially ordered a news blackout on this at a time when it is so near to the Olympics.

I happened to read the report on several newspapers like The $traits Times, The South China Morning Post and BBC News. The respective reports somehow felt imcomplete as if they were reading off a script given to them. Perhaps it was a case of reporting directly from the Spitland gahmen's official release so as not to offend them?

Well, it's anybody's guess here coz nobody would really know.

However, this is what I've heard from the streets. Very much like our kopitiam talk back home.


It all started at a time when the students were having school exams and that the girl, during the examinations refused to allow one of the perpetrators to copy from her exams script.

What happened subsequently was the she was raped, murdered and then tossed into the river.

Initially, a police investigation took place and then 3 suspects were arrested as they were the ones last seen with her. However, the suspects were subsequently released and the local police claimed that the girl committed suicide.

This obviously did not go down well with the family of the dead girl, who then went up to the police station to demand a full autopsy as well as a full investigation. The whole deal reek of a cover up and that it was said the one of the suspects was the son of a senior local official or police officer.

To make matter worse, not only were the family booted out of the police station thereafter, they were followed by a group of men (presumably sent by the police) who subsequently beat the family up. Newsreel (see youtube below) showed that the uncle was hospitalised but the word in the coffee shop was that another of the family members died as a result of the beating.

It was also said that the family guarded the coffin of the girl very closely during the wake as that had been a few attempts to try to steal the coffin, again presumably to destroy the body (evidence) to avoid the full autopsy.

Word of this incident spread throughout the county like wild fire and before anyone know it, a riot sparked and the local police station were torched by the angry mob.

Click here to see more pictures of the riot.

Disclaimer: The above account cannot be verified as it is mere coffee shop talk.


Well, it is me or has there been more and more frequent rioting being reported all around China. As far as I feel, I think this is both good and bad.

Bad in the sense that people have to resort to violence but good in the sense that the people are no longer afraid of the corrupt local official and will unite together in strength stand up against the corrupt forces. I believe that the Spitland Central Gahmen is a clean one but as the organisation hierarchy is very massive, it sometimes becomes very tricky to control the lower branches.

It is up to the people to speak up and bring it to the attention of the higher echelons.

Power to the people!

Afternote: Police were saying that there were criminal syndicate behind instigating the riot and that the death of the girl was the convenient excuse to trigger off the violent action.

Yes, staging the riot is wrong and the gang responsible must be apprehended and punished. Still, it doesn't detract our attention the circumstances surrounding the girls death.

There were many indicators pointing towards a cover up by the authorities. Slip shod investigations. Sudden release of the suspects of which one is allegedly related to a senior official. Dismissing the family's appeal. The beating up of the girl's family and the alleged death of one of the family members as a result. Attempts to steal the coffin.

Obviously the investigation of riot instigation is a bigger case but I hope the authorities do not conveniently use that as a excuse and sweep the case of the girl's death to the side and forgotten. That to me is a cover up and given that the case is to be handle by a higher authority now that the local county authorities are in question. A non-action may suggest that the corruption leads higher up than we expected.

Who knows? 

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

1. spiller left...
Friday, 4 July 2008 2:12 pm
wah quite scary. in Msia sure the FRU uses watergun and tear gas already. Msia damn chaotic now as well. have u been following? heard there'll be big protest this sunday. *FACEPALM*

2. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 5 July 2008 2:50 pm :: 
spiller: I don't think Malaysia can riot up to this magnitude against the gahmen considering that the people amongst themselves are not united. I hate to play the racial card but I certainly won't see Malay Malaysians and Chinese Malaysians protesting together against the gahmen lor.

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