30 July 2008

My First Day At PLMGS Series - Part 2 of 3

...Continuing from Part 1 of 3.

First item of the day was to take attendance and so we assembled the 30+ giggly girls (I think they first time see yan dao guys) and made the usual mutual introductions while at the same time, we were trying to get to know each other.

It's more of a day of paper work than anything as we had to verify all the particulars of each cadet as well as to collect passport photos, so that we can compile and submit the nominal roll back to St John HQ.

A tailor was also arranged to be on hand to take measurements of each girl for their uniforms.

As per tradition, we conducted our first lesson, which in my opinion is the driest, most boring but unfortunately compulsory module. The History of the St John movement otherwise known as the Knowledge Of The Order (KOTO).

Essentially, the activities of this Uniform Group were divided into 4 elements. First aid training, footdrill, games (which is usually of a team building theme) and proficiency courses e.g. campcraft, road & home safety, drill instruction, clerical ability, etc.

Over the weeks, we were starting to settle down properly and starting to get used to the idea that come every Saturday, the three of us will have eyes following us everywhere we go within the school's compound and I am not just referring to my St John girls. I could have sworn, there were more students back in school on a Saturday morning then before.

So anyway, being a relatively conservative all-girls school, there were rules in place even for us instructors. We had a strictly no-fraternising policy in place. Our home telephone numbers (a time where mobile phones, pagers, MSNs, facebooks didn't exist for students) were kept strictly confidential and only known to the teachers-in-charge and the various key office bearers i.e. Student Coordinator, Platoon Sergeants and the various Secretaries of Parade, Records, Treasury, etc.

Sounds like everything is in order, right?

Yeah right.

Our phones started to ring non-stop!

OK, so initially, the calls were from those who had our numbers and it started off as calls on official matter but as one would have guessed what would happened if you give a telephone to a teenager. Yeah. 3-hour calls on "official matters". :P

I guess it was only a matter of time before our numbers got leaked out and we were fielding calls from the  other girls.

A typical call would go like this:

Mystery Girl 1: Hello, may I speak to JayWalk, please.

JayWalk: Yeah, this is he. Who's this?

Mystery Girl 1: Make a guess! *background giggles of 3 to 4 girls in the distance*

JayWalk: *Groan*

Then when I got the following call, I knew things spun out of hand:

Mystery Girl 2: Hello, may I speak to JayWalk, please.

JayWalk: Yeah, this is he. Who's this?

Mystery Girl 2: Josephine from PL (short for PLMGS)

JayWalk: Who?

Mystery Girl 2: You helped me pick up my books the other day. Yeah, I'm that girl from NPCC.

JayWalk: How the hell you get my number??!! *faint*

Did someone scribble our numbers on the toilet cubicle door?!!

"For a good time call JayWalk Tel: 4XXXXXX" 

- Voxeros 

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