14 July 2008

Car Accident In The Tunnel

So I was on my way to the ShenZhen airport from D0ngGuan where we have to go through the tunnel as the airport is on the other side.

We were there around late afternoon and the traffic was getting pretty heavy as there is a highway interchange further ahead aggravating the whole traffic situation further. It wasn't exactly a traffic jam in the sense of a gridlock but merely of a moving jam.

So here the thing about my World Champion Chauffeur. He is the type who die die must be first to leave the blocks when the lights turn green. He is the type who die die must close up the gap between him and the car before him if he sees a signal light from the next lane. He is the type who die die must change lane in front of the car in the next lane rather than behind.

Oh. He is also the dumbass who chalked up 52 traffic tickets (@ RMB 200 ) each in a single year.

Anyway, coming back to the tunnel. We had an asshole in the black Toyota who decided to switch lane at the last minute without signaling and cutting into our lane and at a time when my World Champion Chauffeur was trying to close up the gap in front of him to prevent people coming into his lane.

As anyone would have expected it, BONK!

So in the middle of the tunnel of the already jammed tunnel, these two jokers suddenly stopped the car in the middle of the traffic-jammed tunnel to access the damage. Fortunately, given that we were traveling pretty slowly to begin with, then was no damage to our respective rubber bumpers.

Welcome to Spitland.

- Voxeros

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