22 August 2008

20080822 Factory Fire

Just when we were busy preparing lock down procedures in anticipation of the coming Typhoon Nuri, one of my factory lines caught fire.

Apparently one of the motors powering the ventilation fans caught fire and since we are dealing with flammable spray paints, the fire sprung up almost immediately. The alarm was raised and the pump engines were activated to deliver the water from the pond to the hydrants.

Unfortunately, the pumps chose of all times to fail to kick start. As a result, the fire was allowed to grow and the problem with paint fires is that the smoke is especially thick causing a barrier to prevent us from getting close enough to use the portable fire extinguishers effectively.

We struggled with the pumps for 30 minutes before it miraculously came alive and started pumping the water. By then the winds from the coming typhoon has already spread the fire to a wider area causing us to have a bigger fire to put out.

The local fire engines soon arrived but by then 80% of the fire is already out. The firemen continued to push the water in to ensure temperatures are cooled to a level where the fire doesn't rekindle.

It's a hectic day for me as we ordered an immediate clean up as water is now everywhere. Usually, in a fire, more merchandise are damaged by water then by the fire itself.

As I am typing this, my managers are handling the fire bureau to inspect the site as well as the insurance company to assess the damage.

Me, I am busy on the phone calling all the customers whose orders are affected and rescheduling their new delivery date.

On the side, I am also assembling a second team to continue with the lock down of the factory as the winds are howling like crazy now. We also have to seal up windows broken during the fire fighting process (in order to let the water in earlier).

I so wanted to go for smoke break right now but I'd bet it would taste horrible now with all the soot that I've inhaled earlier. The tissue paper was black when I clear my nose with it. Eww...

Welcome to SpitLand.

- Voxeros

1. Mistress Grace left...
Friday, 22 August 2008 5:06 pm ::
I am sorry to hear about the fire. But most important thing was that no one was injured and that you are well...

2. Rachel left...
Friday, 22 August 2008 6:12 pm ::
人没事就好..Take care.

3. JayWalk left...
Friday, 22 August 2008 7:44 pm :: 
Mistress Grace & Rachel: Thanks guys.

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