27 August 2008

iPhone Girl

China Daily (26 Aug 2008) - Smiling Chinese Girl A Hit On New iPhone
It was all over the internet and even sparked the set up of websites specially dedicated to her.

I am taking about the iPhone Girl which is fast making its rounds on the internet.

iPhone Girl is actually a Foxconn factory operator, on the iPhone assembly line.

Apparently, she was goofing off with a fellow colleague when she was camwhoring using one of the iPhones on the assembly line.

Was the picture deliberately left inside the phone as a prank or just simple a careless negligence to delete it prior to packing?

Nobody knows.

There is even a conspiracy theory that the picture was deliberately taken and left in the phone. That way the smiley girl could portray a positive working environment in Foxconn, rather then the stereotyping of sweat shops.

A spokesperson from Foxconn commented that it was a "beautiful mistake" but skeptics are not too sure if the "accident" is genuine or staged.

So anyway, if you think the CSI team from HardwareZone is scary, try the CSI team from all over the world trying to hunt down the girl in the picture.

I did a bit of sleuthing on my own and discovered that she is probably 24.7km away from me as I am typing this.

However, it seems that I am too slow as the girl has already been found and is too shy to come out into the open.

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

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