18 August 2008

Healthy Part Of A Saturday

It was one of those rare occasions that I get a Saturday off and I had decided to put it to good use.
First was sleeping in as I drifted in and out of sleep from 5am and eventually decided to get out of bed at 11am after catching up a movie from my downloads.

After the usual, washing and dressing up, I made a few phone calls and within 10 minutes, we were having Yum Cha for breakfast and lunch at the Parkview which was supposedly the best hotel in town, which I absolutely hated it.

But no choice coz the dingy ChangAn Hotel's dim sum (which is soooo much better and cheaper than the atas Parkview) serves only at breakfast and not lunch. Damn the stupid WeiWei for oversleeping, who was supposed to call me at 7am to go for dim sum breakfast only to have me wake him up at 11:30am. Si ginah.....

A nomnom, a smoke and a patpat on the tummy and we headed back to Stacy and Sam's place to chill out in the summer heat before we decided to shoot some hoops at around 3:30pm.

Sam & Stacy stays at a condo about 5 minutes' drive away from me and the basketball court was located on the roof top of the clubhouse. Unfortunately, the clubhouse is about 6 storeys high and not elevator access to the roof top. It's stairs from the ground floor up.

Man... it was quite a climb as I could have sworn the air was thinner up there and we had a Himalayan guide and mules with us during our ascent.

Here's the kick in the nuts. We were all rubbery legs when we got to the top when Douglas screamed "Suck!!! How come got padlock one!!??"

Apparently, some one forgot to book the court and get the security guards to come up to unlock it. Perfectly understandable considering the fact that they just moved in.

So down the trotter along the countless flights of stairs to the bottom while I "volunteered" to jagar their barang barang. Being the "eldest brother" amongst them didn't feel too bad after all. *sigh*

While I was waiting for them to sort the key & padlock issue, I stood at the railings to take this picture to show you exactly how high we were. I counted the block opposite and I am at eye-level with the 5th floor but I would say we are at 6 or 7th level considering the fact that the lobby on the ground floor and shop spaces on the second floor have significantly higher ceilings.

20 minutes later, they are back up with a panting a wheezing security guard. I could have sworn he had an oxygen tank and pick axes with him when we was climbing. He had a grey face as a result of white face due to the wheezing and panting as a result of the stairs and a black face as a result of the stairs due to being the newest bird in the security roster.

Ok and it's game on before we realised "Eh?? Where's the ball??!!"

Let me explained what happened. As I was the one to jagar the barang barang, the basketball naturally become put of my charge. The ball must have rolled away during the 20 minutes where I was stoning and checking out the babes in the swimming pool. Oh and yeah, it was quite windy at our elevation which explains the basketball being blown into oblivion.

We found the ball after five minutes before we start off with casual shooting and I was spraying shots all over the place. The guys were floored when I told them the last time I actually touched a basketball was during my University days. Yeah, more than a decade ago.

Once that was out of the way, we cranked up the heat and have a 2-on-2 with Sam and I teamed up against Douglas and WeiWei.

Yeah, we lasted a good TEN minutes before...

... to be continued. 

- Voxeros

1. THB left...
Tuesday, 19 August 2008 10:11 am
Someone got hurt?

2. grasshopper left...
Tuesday, 19 August 2008 11:49 am
how can liddat one! faster continue can...........

3. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 19 August 2008 1:47 pm :: 
THB: Nope. Read on. The Sequel come out liao.

Grasshopper: Out already lah..... go read!

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