19 June 2012

Summer In The Capital

This the view, from the comforts of my air-conditioned hotel room, overlooking the streets. The temperature outside was 38 degrees Celsius.

Summer has arrived, more or less.

My general rule of thumb is that summer starts from the Dragon Boat (aka Dumpling Festival 端午节) and ends on Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) where the temperature will begin its decline in anticipation of the cold winter months.

The picture right was taken at around 5:45pm as I headed out to walk around the Capital. It was still 38 degrees.

Forutnately, it was still rather breezy and the air is dry, saving me from being all sweaty and sticky.

The breezy air felt warm as if you were standing in front of the exhaust vent of an industrial air-conditioning unit powering a building.

As long as you are moving, while you feel the warm air blowing at you, you would still feel cool as the perspiration evaporates off your body. It is when you come to a halt e.g. stopping at a red traffic light, that you feel the full effect of the heatwave hitting you head on.

I was wearing a cap to shield from the sun and so my head was soaked underneath the cap.

You can immediately feel the cooling evaporation effect when you remove the cap and brush off the excess water from your hair.

Welcome to the Summer In The Capital.

- Voxeros

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