17 May 2005

The Bubbly Sheena

Met up with Sheena last Friday night but resisted blogging about it until now. Had to see what "damning" stuff she wrote on her blog as this little darling can get pretty carried away with her imagination. Better wait for her piece to show up before I can formulate an appropriate response to redeem myself from the gallows. Anyway her blog was out. Phew! Not as bad as I was preparing for.

Got a call from her on Friday evening when I was having dinner at Corduroy&Finch. I needed some time to think about how to get out of dinner, in order to meet up and so I asked to call her back later to confirm.

On a side note, the restaurant SUCKED. The parking SUCKED. The menu SUCKED. Food was so-so but I would rate it as SUCKED, based on how much the prices were. The only consolation were the waitress who were at the top of their game but their male counterparts were a bunch of BUMBLING IDIOTS. 5 people and we racked up almost $230 when all we had were 3 burgers and 2 goulashes. I would have been happy paying the bill if the food was worth the money. But sadly, it was down the drain siah.... We could have stayed on for coffee and dessert but we thought we have enough punishment for the day liao.

Note to self: NEVER EVER believe what the papers say. --> Review of the restaurant. <-- LOAD OF BULL!!

Anyway, made it to Holland V just before 11pm and there she was with Ivy. Quite jam leh (you'll have to be old enough to understand "jam") but too bad, she had to leave early. Oh well, another time perhaps.

So there we were sitting outside chatting and stoning with our drinks and smokes. "Chilling" would have been an inaccurate term given that the stupid weather was so friggin' warm that night. Boy, did we have a great time talking kok for she was quite the livewire to talk to. We had to leave the Holland V shortly after coz the stupid valet said that all cars must leave before 12:30am. So we started cruising the streets for an alternative place. She, being the local and me the tourist, was actually more lost than I. *face palm*

Natural instinct was to find a cosy place to chill (read: air con!!) but somehow we gravitated towards Mohd Sultan which proved to be a dumb move as we could hardly hear ourselves talking with the music pumping at full decibels. Did I mention that we were still in the car?

We then moved on to Orchard and spotted the ideal place. Dubliner. Cozy, quiet and Kilkenny! Only snag was that we couldn't find the entrance to the building's car park. *Lagi face palm*.

In the end, we ended up at Cuppage at this little jazz pub owned by a friend of a friend, which turned out to be a good decision as it was quite empty by the time we got there.

We had the whole bar counter to ourselves as I went slow with my Barca&T while she went crazy with all the funny funny drinks. "Lamb Chops" the bar-keep gave me the wierd look only to receive a shrug of the shoulders from me as I chastised him with my dagger-stare for being a busybody. "What Sheena wants, Sheena gets. Don't ask so many questions!" (as long as it did not involve a) iPod, b) iBook, c) diamond ring and d) all or any of the above).

But the last drink, the Blue Lagoon, was where I drew the line (read: Harpic Toilet Water). Wah lau eh!

The chatting went on till 2+ am before it was decided that we should call it a day and head home.

Met up again Monday night at Fong Seng. Was originally at Prata Cafe, next to NIE but alas, Deek and I both agreed that the "scenery" there was terrible and so we migrated to NUS side, picking up Sheena along the way.

Andy dropped by later and we met for the first time. They looked such a cute couple! My first impression of Andy was that he's a good lad who is down-to-earth. More importantly, he adores and worships the ground Sheena walks on. Andy also one kind of a funny guy, and we hit it off quite well, despite our age-gap (ouch!).

We definitely have to meet up again.

- Voxeros

1. a reader left...
Tuesday, 17 May 2005 1:53 am
I'll tell Ivy you think she's jam! She might be disgusted though: "Wah lau, that lau ah pek think I jam ah?" LOL~~~~~

Thank you very much for tonight though. Wouldn't even have gone home at all if you hadn't rushed down. Sorry sugar daddy! Help me thank Derek too.

2. a reader left...
Tuesday, 17 May 2005 1:55 am
Sounds like a great meeting. I-dog? That's cute! What's jam?
3. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 17 May 2005 2:00 am
Sheena & Anna: I think you two and I got generation gap. Jam = Jude = Chio = Buay Pai Kuar. Got it?

Sheena: How can she call me Ah Pek? How old is she btw?
4. a reader left...
Tuesday, 17 May 2005 4:36 pm
She's only 25, you paedophile. Hands off my friend!
5. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 17 May 2005 9:09 pm
Paedophile your head lah... like you said, she 25 liao....
Scold me hor... next time I don't provide "bee boo bee boo" ambulance service for you liao hor..
6. a reader left...
Tuesday, 17 May 2005 11:13 pm
Actually, 8 years age gap is nothing, don't you think?

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