02 June 2012

BMW 760Li

Dubbed by OfficeGal as the Asshole Car, I present to you the BMW 760Li which I had the good fortune of borrowing during my trip back this time.

The name Asshole Car, or Douche Mobile in American speak, doesn't do justice to this finely constructed machinery, the ride was very smooth and with all that power under the hood, the car practically drives itself. I found myself only needing to tap the gas pedal most of the time to get it going WITHIN the speed limits on Singapore roads.

With a 6,000cc V12 engine, it was an awesomely sweet ride.

The funny thing was that it took me 5 minutes seated in the driver's seat to figure out the controls and finally getting it out of the car park lot. I was swearing under my breath why the a car like this was built like a Boeing? What's with all the buttons and levers??

KISS! Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Luckily, I am one of those slightly more gadget-inclined people that at worst was a slight annoyance and a mild delay to finally getting out onto the streets, but I can foresee many other folks remaining stuck in the car park and not budging, struggling to find out where is what.

Then there is the i-Drive control console.

I absolutely hated it. It is super counter-intuitive. A wrong nudge and you find yourself back to the main menu needing to start all over again. I struggled with the rotating knob to get around the menu. Give me the simple up-down-left-right buttons, dammit!

The GPS navigation leaves much to be desired too. It was so bad that I had to bring along my iPad to do the navigation for me. I personally recommend Sygic (iPad/iPhone app) for those driving in Mal-Sing.

With that, I have driven two V12s in my lifetime and so between the Mercedes Benz S65 AMG and this BMW 760 Li, I am afraid that the Beemer loses pants down the S65 wins hands down.

Don't get me wrong. The BMW 760Li is a good car (from the machine point of view) but it's the i-Drive that undermined everything else good that BMW has done for the car.

It's a terrible shame. Really.

Blast From The Past:
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