29 June 2012

The Terminal Cast Away

In case anyone didn't catch the title of this entry, it is a mash up of two movies with a common theme.

My friends are all familiar with Ahtiong73's #howtoresignliddat. It's a series of pictures via Plurk and Twitter depicting solo travels to all the places all over the world* but to me it tells a story about solitude.

* For some strange reason, a search on Plurk yielded nothing and only 1 tweet on Twitter. Lousy search engines. Bah.

That's me right now except that it is over a much extended period of time.

The irony in my case is that I am all alone in one of the most populous cities in the world.

I wonder how many people is able to to live my Robinson Crusoe lifestyle?

It is hard. I can tell you that but I gets easier with every new day.

Time for kismet to help me find new friends out there. Non-work related ones, of course.

Image Credit: Google+ - Jeffrey Tan

- Voxeros

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