12 June 2012

Siri - An English Learning Tool

It's been two weeks since I have gotten myself an iPhone 4S and have been toying with Siri, the voice-activated assistant.

I guess I am one of those fortunate ones whom Siri is able to fully understand my diction without me needing to distort myself into some American-accented radio DJ.

The folks around me in the office were very impressed how I was able to use Siri with relative ease.

The folks, as I've just mentioned, are local Taobaolanders and the Siris on their iPhones are pretty useless coz they don't really speak English.

A couple of them are taking English language classes at night and I just thought of the perfect way, using Siri, to help them.

I got their vocabulary list from their classes and get them to speak each word to Siri. If Siri is able to pick up the word, their pronunciation is correct. If not, I will go over the word with them and have them try it on Siri again until Siri gets it.

Well, what do you know? Siri is useful after all.

Image Credit:

- Voxeros

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