26 June 2012

Street Fare

This picture is taken outside my office where the few of us decided to head out and grab dinner.

All you need to do is just walk up to the boss and tell him how many people having dinner and he will go round the back with tiny foldable table and short stools (see folks in the background).

Voila! Table for 3! Best part is you get to choose where you want to sit as long as it is not in the middle of the street. Haha.

Menu is relatively simple, straight from the charcoal grill. I opted for the safe options like chicken wing, lamb kebab, lamb tendon AND stop short of lamb testicles aka prairie oysters.

Beer is drunk straight from the bottle as we leave them on the floor next to our stools between quaffs.

Weather is a breezy 25 degree Celsius. Perfect weather for al fresco dining.

Food is very tasty courtesy of the generous doses of cumin but I think the secret ingredient to this delightful fare is .....

.... car exhaust. 


- Voxeros

1 comment:

JayWalk said...

Momo: Possibly the very same reason why teh tarik in Malaysia is so much tastier than ours!