25 June 2012

Interesting Chinese Names

I turned on the TV in the morning when I got up to catch the news. I didn't have the luxury of having access to CNN or CNA or BBC for my daily dosage of morning news.

I wanted to tune in to CCTV news anyway as I was following both the Ch1nese space expedition as well as the deep sea dive as the latter was captured in the image above. 

Then I noticed the anchorwoman's name. 天亮 which means daybreak. How apt for a morning news anchor!!

Anyway, speaking of interesting names associated with their respective profession, I have a chauffeur in my D0ngguan office.

车停. Stop car. Yes. That is his name. I kid you not.

It is almost as if their parents knew where they were destined to head since birth.

How bizarre!

- Voxeros

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